from head to toe

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head to toe

Entirely. This is a fancy event, so you need to dress up from head to toe.
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from head to toe

Fig. from the top of one's head to one's feet. She was decked out in flowers from head to toe. The huge parka covered the small child from head to toe, assuring that she would be well-protected against the cold.
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from head to toe

Also, from head to heels or foot ; from tip or top to toe . Over the entire body, in its entirety. For example, He was dressed in black from head to toe, or She ached all over, from tip to toe. These expressions date from ancient times. The alliterative head to heels originated about 1400, and Shakespeare had "from top to toe" in Hamlet (1:2).
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from head to toe


from head to foot

COMMON You use from head to toe or from head to foot to talk about the whole of someone's body. She was covered from head to toe with black and blue marks. She was trembling from head to foot. Note: You can also just say head to toe or head to foot. She was dressed head to toe in black. The boy is wrapped head to foot in a green blanket. Note: You can use head-to-toe or head-to-foot before a noun. He turned up clad in head-to-toe black. Standing against the wall was this man in head-to-foot leather. Compare with from top to toe.
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from head to toe (or foot)

all over your body.
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from ˌhead to ˈfoot/ˈtoe

all over your body; completely: She was dressed from head to foot in white.He was covered from head to foot in mud.
See also: foot, head, toe
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In exchange for an employer's or employee's participation, the IRS agrees to refrain from tip examination.
The strategy has three objectives: reduce nonfiling of Forms 8027, Employer's Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips; increase the percentage of tips reported by employers and employees; and increase tax collections from tip income.
This is important because the tips paid to an employer (who then distributes them to the employee) may be subject to withholding requirements, and any deductions from tips for withholding will need to be itemized on the employee's pay stub.
Pizza Express said that Guirguis was sacked for misrepresenting the company by claiming they profited from tips.
They are all service industry workers who derive a significant portion of their income from tips.
Fior operated a restaurant that employed waiters, bartenders and others whose earnings came in part from tips.
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