from that day/time forth

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from this/that day forth

Starting on a particular date and continuing into the future. And from this day forth, you'll be husband and wife!
See also: forth, that, this

from this/that time forth

Starting at a particular time and continuing into the future. And from this time forth, you'll be husband and wife!
See also: forth, that, this, time
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from that day/time ˈforth

(literary) beginning on that day; from that time: He never saw his mother again from that day forth.
See also: forth, that, time
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References in classic literature ?
From that day forth, Michel Ardan had not one moment's rest.
It is one thing to mortify curiosity, another to conquer it; and it may be doubted if, from that day forth, Utterson desired the society of his surviving friend with the same eagerness.
For all that, he was much grieved at the loss of his lance, and saying so to his squire, he added, "I remember having read how a Spanish knight, Diego Perez de Vargas by name, having broken his sword in battle, tore from an oak a ponderous bough or branch, and with it did such things that day, and pounded so many Moors, that he got the surname of Machuca, and he and his descendants from that day forth were called Vargas y Machuca.
One of the cocks of his hat having fallen down, he let it hang from that day forth, though it was a great annoyance when it blew.
He once recited three thousand verses without stopping; but the strain upon his mental faculties was too great, and he was little better than an idiot from that day forth -- a grievous misfortune for the school, for on great occa- sions, before company, the superintendent (as Tom expressed it) had always made this boy come out and "spread himself." Only the older pupils managed to keep their tickets and stick to their tedious work long enough to get a Bible, and so the delivery of one of these prizes was a rare and noteworthy circumstance; the successful pupil was so great and conspicuous for that day that on the spot every scholar's heart was fired with a fresh ambition that often lasted a couple of weeks.
Someday a Parisian barber will come to my room to skin me, and from that day forth that barber will never be heard of more.
"I was commanded, in a vision, to open the Bible, and vow on it to set my guilty self apart among my innocent fellow-creatures from that day forth; to live among them a separate and silent life, to dedicate the use of my speech to the language of prayer only, offered up in the solitude of my own chamber when no human ear could hear me.
"Pleased for both their sakes." Captain Anthony shook off his indolence from that day forth, and accompanied Miss Flora frequently on her morning walks.
From that day forth -when a past which he abhorred was forced back to his memory; when a future which she had never dared to anticipate was placed within her reach -- you will soon perceive, if you have not perceived already, that they both betrayed themse lves, time after time; and that you r innocence of all suspicion, and their children's innocence of all suspicion, alone prevented you from discovering the truth.
From that day forth, I never saw Rachel Verinder again.
From that day forth bureaucracy used to its own profit the mistrust that stands between receipts and expenditures; it degraded the administration for the benefit of the administrators; in short, it spun those lilliputian threads which have chained France to Parisian centralization,--as if from 1500 to 1800 France had undertaken nothing for want of thirty thousand government clerks!
"I left home in the summer of 1986 and from that day forth I was a visitor to the place I had called home all my life.'' Despite leaving when he was 18 years old, he regularly returns - and his mum still lives in the same house that inspired the artist from such a young age.
Your parents be there one or two, their world from that day forth is you, they love you so much it's untrue.
From that day forth, he has been at the forefront of the grassroots game in Co Fermanagh, whether that be as a comforting presence the kids look up to at mini-soccer, cajoling the NFC Kesh senior team as manager from the dug-out, or providing top level coaching for the county's rising stars at the Milk Cup.
Basically -- I woke up one morning and announced to the other people in the house that from that day forth, I won't be living there anymore.