from head to toe

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head to toe

Encompassing one's entire body; top to bottom. Typically refers to how one is dressed and groomed. This is a fancy event, so you need to look good from head to toe. Schedule a haircut and shine your shoes.
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from head to toe

Fig. from the top of one's head to one's feet. She was decked out in flowers from head to toe. The huge parka covered the small child from head to toe, assuring that she would be well-protected against the cold.
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from head to toe

Also, from head to heels or foot ; from tip or top to toe . Over the entire body, in its entirety. For example, He was dressed in black from head to toe, or She ached all over, from tip to toe. These expressions date from ancient times. The alliterative head to heels originated about 1400, and Shakespeare had "from top to toe" in Hamlet (1:2).
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from head to toe


from head to foot

COMMON You use from head to toe or from head to foot to talk about the whole of someone's body. She was covered from head to toe with black and blue marks. She was trembling from head to foot. Note: You can also just say head to toe or head to foot. She was dressed head to toe in black. The boy is wrapped head to foot in a green blanket. Note: You can use head-to-toe or head-to-foot before a noun. He turned up clad in head-to-toe black. Standing against the wall was this man in head-to-foot leather. Compare with from top to toe.
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from head to toe (or foot)

all over your body.
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from ˌhead to ˈfoot/ˈtoe

all over your body; completely: She was dressed from head to foot in white.He was covered from head to foot in mud.
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References in classic literature ?
He followed the Himalaya-Thibet road, the little ten-foot track that is blasted out of solid rock, or strutted out on timbers over gulfs a thousand feet deep; that dips into warm, wet, shut-in valleys, and climbs out across bare, grassy hill-shoulders where the sun strikes like a burning-glass; or turns through dripping, dark forests where the tree-ferns dress the trunks from head to heel, and the pheasant calls to his mate.
For one mile in width and two thousand feet in sheer depth the mountain-side had come away bodily, planed clean from head to heel.
He was in old-time iron armor from head to heel, with a helmet on his head the shape of a nail-keg with slits in it; and he had a shield, and a sword, and a pro- digious spear; and his horse had armor on, too, and a steel horn projecting from his forehead, and gorgeous red and green silk trappings that hung down all around him like a bedquilt, nearly to the ground.
I had been vaguely conscious, for a while, of a person who was walking in the street abreast of us; I had glanced furtively at him once or twice, and noticed that he was a fine, large, vigorous young fellow, with an open, independent countenance, faintly shaded with a pale and even almost imperceptible crop of early down, and that he was clothed from head to heel in cool and enviable snow-white linen.
He fell into Deesa's arms trumpeting with joy, and the man and beast wept and slobbered over each other, and handled each other from head to heel to see that no harm had befallen
She gave a quick sidewise glance that embraced him from head to heel, including seat and saddle, and said:--
For optimal alignment, she aims for a plumb line from head to heels, the arms and legs releasing away from the center, and the torso lengthening and widening as you move.
Extend your legs behind you, one at a time, so your body forms a straight line from head to heels.