from head to foot

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from head to foot

Encompassing one's entire body; from top to bottom. Typically refers to how one is dressed and groomed. This is a fancy event, so you need to look good from head to foot. Schedule a haircut and shine your shoes.
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from ˌhead to ˈfoot/ˈtoe

all over your body; completely: She was dressed from head to foot in white.He was covered from head to foot in mud.
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from head/top to heels/toe/foot

One’s entire body; totally. The earliest of these slightly varied expressions is from head to foot, which Homer used in the Iliad, Aristophanes in Plutus, Plautus in several plays, and many others after them. Shakespeare used from top to toe in Hamlet (1.2). The alliterative head to heels, dating from about 1400, was favored by the English poet William Cowper (Anti-Thelypthora, 1781): “So polished and compact from head to heel.” See also stem to stern.
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It was a captain of the king's archers, armed from head to foot, with his sword in his hand.
These two suits of flannel, each in one piece from head to foot, with a skirt or so hung on this easily-fitting waist, will keep the child warm without burdening her with belts, and gathers, and buckles, and bunches round the waist, and leave free the muscles that need plenty of room to work in.
She had waited to open her lips until she had eyed her conquered victim all over, with disdainfully minute attention, from head to foot
You are one shameful brazen lie from head to foot! Are you the woman to give up your silks and your jewels, and your position in this house, and to go back to the Refuge of your own accord?
Having spoken these words, Miss Miggs made divers efforts to rub her shoulders in an impossible place, and shivered from head to foot; thereby giving the beholders to understand that the imaginary cascade was still in full flow, but that a sense of duty upheld her under that and all other sufferings, and nerved her to endurance.
He did not cut a very insinuating figure, for a man of his stature suffers in a crowd; and having been active in yesterday morning's work, his dress was literally crushed from head to foot: his hat being beaten out of all shape, and his shoes trodden down at heel like slippers.
The large, impressive room, one of the best in the house, the great state bed, as I almost felt it, the full, figured draperies, the long glasses in which, for the first time, I could see myself from head to foot, all struck me--like the extraordinary charm of my small charge--as so many things thrown in.
They were led away drenched with crimson from head to foot. That was a good fight, but it could not count, partly because it did not last the lawful fifteen minutes (of actual fighting), and partly because neither man was disabled by his wound.
Tom was trembling from head to foot with excitement and a sense of the hopelessness of the situation.
It is reported that followers of Star Wars will not be allowed into the premiere of their latest film in costume because of the terrorist threat - because they could be carrying concealed weapons - yet we daily see people draped in black sheets from head to foot.
In this book, author Jill Lowe Brumwell shares the history of the remote British post and the stories of its people, which include "a French nobleman, a dwarf, a man without hair on his head or nails on his fingers and toes, and Hippolyte Brissette, who was tattooed from head to foot with strange figures."
So any pale people out there who can't go anywhere even vaguely sunny without being slathered from head to foot in factor 35 sun cream first should buy a ticket and go voice their complaints personally.
Junrey Balawing was measured at 61 centimeters from head to foot lying down, and 58 centimeters standing up, according to Lolit Homay, health officer in Sindangan township.
The eight-year-old fell into the broiling 100C water and was scolded from head to foot.