from cover to cover

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(from) cover to cover

Thoroughly and/or in its entirety (referring to a book that has been read from front cover to back cover). I love those books, I read them from cover to cover when I was a kid!
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from ˌcover to ˈcover

from the beginning to the end of a book, magazine, etc: I’ve read the newspaper from cover to cover, but I can’t find any mention of yesterday’s accident.
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References in classic literature ?
The Doctor still read from cover to cover his Lancet and his Medical Journal, attended all professional gatherings, worked himself into an alternate state of exaltation and depression over the results of the election of officers, and reserved for himself a den of his own, in which before rows of little round bottles full of glycerine, Canadian balsam, and staining agents, he still cut sections with a microtome, and peeped through his long, brass, old-fashioned microscope at the arcana of nature.
Just then a few dark-looking heads gleamed out of the dwellings, and the place seemed suddenly alive with beings, which, however, glided from cover to cover so swiftly, as to allow no opportunity of examining their humors or pursuits.
We'd hev him rememberin' Johnstown next," Salters explained, "an' what would happen then?" So they compromised on his reading aloud from a book called "Josephus." It was an old leather-bound volume, smelling of a hundred voyages, very solid and very like the Bible, but enlivened with accounts of battles and sieges; and they read it nearly from cover to cover. Otherwise Penn was a silent little body.
A truly extraordinary and compelling read from cover to cover, "An Unkindness of Ghosts" showcases author Rivers Somon's impressive flair for originality and master of the science fiction genre.
It is filled from cover to cover with romance, treachery, adventure, and an ever-present mystery that revolves around Cyrus and the strange artifact that he finds himself connected with.
MY WIFE always says that I am a creature of habit and I suppose I am because, for the best part of 40 years, after my evening meal I settle in my armchair to read the Birmingham Mail from cover to cover.
I doubt that they have read the Bible from cover to cover and understand its meaning without being preached to.
I really enjoyed the magazine from cover to cover and could not put it down.
I read it from cover to cover, hoping to immerse myself in the knowledge needed to start a business.
As Christians we need to impress upon the enemy that we are not our own, we have been bought with a price; the only freedom we have is to obey, not our sensitive consciences but the word of God, which says from cover to cover: "Do not commit adultery." The next ten days could be crucial in the UK, and we would value your prayers to bring down this stronghold.
A contemplative narrative about the ups and downs of life, and the leadership that comes tempered from experience, In the Arms of Elders is absorbing from cover to cover. Enthusiastically recommended.
Each of these six titles is filled from cover to cover with fun facts and vibrant illustrations enhancing a text that places each showcased worker into their proper community and job context.
While YAs may be familiar with the Cyclops Polyphemus, the Sirens whose singing lure sailors to certain death, the beautiful Circe who turns men into swine, and the constant Queen Penelope, few of them know of these characters from the text of The Odyssey itself and fewer still have read Homer's epic from cover to cover. Everything about this audiobook is designed to assist those who want to do so.
Read the paper from cover to cover before you start.
I have become extremely well informed about the Anglican Church of Canada because it became my habit to read the church paper from cover to cover every month.