by/from all accounts

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by all accounts

According to the information that is available; based on what people are saying. I don't know how they survived that plane crash. By all accounts, they should be dead right now! By all accounts, this film is the best one of the year!
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by all accounts

Also, according to all accounts. From all reports available, from what everyone is saying. For example, By all accounts the party was a great success, or They spent a fortune on their cruise, according to all accounts. These phrases rely on account in the sense of "a particular report or description of some event." [Late 1700s]
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by/from ˈall accounts

used when the speaker does not have direct experience of the thing mentioned but is reporting the ideas, etc. of others: I’ve never seen any of her movies, but she’s a brilliant director, by all accounts.It was, from all accounts, a very interesting discussion.
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