toing and froing

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toing and froing

1. Traveling between places or locations. Formed from the phrase "to and fro," meaning "back and forth" or "here and there." All this toing and froing between our different stores throughout the state has left me exhausted.
2. Jumping between plans or ideas in an unproductive way. To solve this problem, you need to commit to one plan of attack and stop all this toing and froing.
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toing and froing (on something)

moving back and forth on an issue, first deciding one way and then changing to another. The boss spent most of the afternoon toing and froing on the question of who was to handle the Wilson account. I wish you would stop toing and froing and make up your mind.
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ˌtoing and ˈfroing

1 movement or travel backwards and forwards between two or more places: All this toing and froing between London and Paris is making him tired.
2 a lot of unnecessary or repeated activity or discussion: There’s been a lot of toing and froing next door today. I wonder what’s happening.After a great deal of toing and froing, I decided not to change jobs after all.
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When l found that ancient froe, it had already been damaged from getting whacked with a sledgehammer.
When the back of the froe has been driven in level with the end of the bolt, the handle of the tool is either pulled toward you or pushed away (whichever works best).
This partnership with Chronos Richardson, which was reached eardy in February this year, will provide a firm foundation froe which Chronos Richardson can actively promote the Scott product portfolio across the UK.
These 9064 solvent-free ink-jet coders froe Markem Systems Ltd, tel:0161-789 5500, are beifg used to apply real-time variable information, like date and batch codes on dedicated yogurt and pudding lines.
In fact, a Lennox unit, that was brought froe the company's previous factory, is used to provide 'spot-cooling at the warm end at the height of the Suemer.
Their system uses air as the refrigerant to provide heating and cooling froe an integrated packaged unit.
The current issue also includes three interesting articles in the General Section: Marti-Selva and Puertas-Medina study the participation of the European Union in global chains of value from logistic and economic perspectives, Froes de Borja Reis, Cardoso and Barbosa review the evolution of the concept of "development" with a South perspective and Podadera Rivera and Carashchuk elaborate a Strategic Partner's Attractiveness Index for the EU.
Maria do Carmo acabou por traduzir 50 poemas da misteriosa puritana estadunidense em uma labuta solitaria e intensa, os quais foram publicados em sua totalidade na Internet pelo poeta visual Elson Froes. Nao conheceu a obra de Dickinson no periodo que passou em Illinois, mas mormente atraves de traducoes dos poetas brasileiros Manuel Bandeira e Ana Cristina Cesar, e de um estudo publicado por Augusto de Campos.
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O empreendedorismo, sob uma nova otica, vem emergindo e impulsionando novas formas de desenvolvimento social e humano, baseando-se em novos paradigmas de atuacao, os quais partem dos anseios e demandas das bases comunitarias e contemplam iniciativas sociais antes pouco consideradas (Melo Neto & Froes, 2002; Cruz, 2013).
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En grandes organizaciones, es comun que los equipos participen de diversos proyectos simultaneamente y, para administrar esa multiplicidad de proyectos, cada vez mas se utilizan softwares de gestion de proyectos como herramienta de soporte a las tareas de los gerentes (Da Silva Radaiesk, Feier Froes & Lindstrom Bandeira).
Novoas e Froes Burnham (26), por exemplo, chamam a atencao para distincao que seria necessaria, segundo elas, entre os exames geneticos que realmente podem contribuir para a melhora do paciente e aqueles que apenas apontam a origem de problemas, para os quais ainda nao ha solucao.