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fringe benefit

A non-monetary perk, incentive, or benefit for working a job that is given in addition to one's normal wage or salary. One of the fringe benefits of working here is getting free lunch in the cafeteria.
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lunatic fringe

the more extreme members of a group. Most of the members of that religious sect are quite reasonable, but Lisa belongs to the lunatic fringe. Many people try to avoid eating a lot of fat, but Mary is part of the lunatic fringe and will eat anything.
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on the fringe

1. Lit. at the outer boundary or edge of something. He doesn't live in the city, just on the fringe.
2. Fig. at the extremes of something, typically political thought. He is way out. His political ideas are really on the fringe.
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the ˌlunatic ˈfringe

(disapproving) members of an organization or group who are more extreme than the others; extreme groups: It’s the lunatic fringe of the Animal Liberation Front which smashes the windows of butchers’ shops, not ordinary members like us.The word lunatic means crazy. It comes from the Latin word luna, meaning ‘moon’, because people believed that the changes in the moon caused temporary madness.
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Not to be confused with the flapper girl fringing, also big this season is boho fringing TRY fabrics like leather and suede.
From festivals to the dancefloor, fringing has never been so versatile.
Bright paisley prints look dark and moody against black backgrounds and key detailing like silky scarves and leather fringing give the look a luxurious edge.
Fringing has made a comeback for summer, but this time around it's not all bo-ho.
Put a swing in your step with fringing - a trend started by designers Luella Bartley, Ralph Lauren and Blumarine and which has now taken over the High Street.
Designers Anna Molinari, Luella Bartley and Valentino accessorised their catwalk collections with fringing, turquoise jewellery, cowboy boots and low-slung belts.