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with no frills

With no extraneous details or embellishments. Not fancy, decorous, or elaborate. Simple. My history teacher is not someone who gets impressed by a beautiful cover page, so I made sure that my project was straightforward and presented the information with no frills.
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no frills

Void of extraneous details or embellishments; not fancy, decorous, or elaborate; simple. It's a real no frills kind of place, so we can get dinner someplace nicer, if you want. My history teacher is not someone who gets impressed by a beautiful cover page, so I made sure that my project was straightforward and no frills.
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Following months of intensive price wars between budget and traditional airlines, the impact of no frills carriers on airline pricing appears to have finally peaked.
The big strategic question for Liverpool, though, is can it diversify from the no frills market?
For that special occasion there's nothing like a knock `em dead frock and there are lots around with fringed or frill detail either at the neckline or over one shoulder.
Make another four sets of frills for the sleeves and machine these on to the arm openings of the dress.
Nicole Fahri frothed frills down the front of silk khaki shirts, whilst Dorothy Perkins design duo Clements Ribeiro took the gypsy look to Panama, in bright georgette frill wrap dresses.
SLEEVE NOTES: Elegant fashion; FRILL SEEKER: Traditional design
Right: Lilac vest with frill detail, pounds 8, and matching drawstring trousers, pounds 12, both from Miss Selfridge: 0870 122 8811.
And the passion for frills continued with eye-catching white trousers and patterned T-shirt to complete the feminine look.
Tables With Frills And Table Cloth(2Ft*2Ft), Tables With Frills And Table Cloth( 211*2 Ft), Fiber Chairs Wit W/O Cushion Ti Hand Resting, Fiber Chairs With Hand Resting W/O Cushion Stage 7 Feet Above The Ground (30Ft * 20Ft) Masking On The Top And The Backside With Carpet On The Floor Box Arch(15Ht*16Wdt), Black Sight Screen Foi Crickek 12 Ft* 10Ft), Restaurant Umbrella Restaurant Umbrella, Bamboo Fencing Covered With Cloths 4Ft Ht Etc.
If you have a heavy bottom half, draw the eye upwards with embellishment or frills PS40, FIGLEAVES.
A senior official said the study will be used to formulate new strategy for its no frills brand and denied there was a plan to scrap the no frills offering.
union member - private And, the cost thinking I'd enjoyed shows at the directed by Stoker, Bernard by writers Shaw, Brecht acted by Patricia Sachs, Yates, Thaw, Anthony Plante and Rita ever heard of PRETTY: Clockwise from right: Colette corset PS60, Flirty frills bra PS22 and flirty frills thong PS10, Ebony bow plunge bra PS28, Ebony brief PS14, glossy hold ups PS8, Diva stripe plunge bra PS22 and Diva stripe thong PS12 (main picture) and Dolores spotty corset PS60, all from Boux Avenue European European of any In all current asked party, up with If the Kay, Allerton city
The researchers were intrigued to see that many extensive puncture and pull marks were actually on the neck frills of the specimens.