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The precedent set by this case is at least as frightening as a dirty bomb.
Spong asks readers to join him on "a frightening journey into the mystery of God.
In scripture, however, the angels God sends among the Israelites are often fierce and even terrifying creatures, delivering a word that unsettles and disturbs, a word calling for repentance and conversion, a word sending the pilgrim back into the world on a very frightening mission.
He said: "We are looking to speak to any witnesses It is a serious offence and it has been frightening for the staff who were working in the shop at the time.
It was very frightening, particularly as there were young children there," he said.
Portillo said: "The atmosphere that there might be an election very, very soon is, I think, frightening the Tories.
The movie's most frightening scene doesn't involve a monster or Voldemort but a spurned Hermione (Emma Watson), livid over the inability of Harry and Ron (Rupert Grint, the young actor who makes the greatest leap here) to recognize her for the special young lady that she is.
David O'Leary has admitted Champions League football with Aston Villa next season would be "a frightening prospect" given the size of his squad.
When I realised it was the Irish situation rearing up again, I thought it was very frightening.
In Tuymans's case this resulted in frightening, loaded, disturbed images.
The Beatles provide harsh and frightening imagery in "Run for Your Life," a song which features premeditation along the traditional blues lines.
The prospect of further frightening episodes haunts her.
Repeated exposure could create anxiety and fear in the minds of young children, giving rise to nightmares, anxiety and night terror, according to a Los Angeles trauma psychologist who has treated young children traumatized by frightening movies and graphic news footage in the past.
Superintendent Phil Scarth said: "I commend Miss Curran and her friend for their bravery during what must have been a very frightening incident.
Now, I cheerfully concede that Sgt Major Beckett is a frightening performer on the parade ground.
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