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Out just in time for Halloween, this frightener takes us back to 1967 Los Angeles, where a widowed mother and her daughters run a fake seance business to con people out of their money.
In terms of production, the genre repped just 6% of all shooting rev 2000 to 2004 but the Australian Film Commission gave special mention to the number of foreign frighteners shooting in Oz.
The low-budget frightener had earned more than pounds 880,000 before opening for business last night, despite being shown at only 36 screens round the country.
EVE Muirhead has put the frighteners on her curling rivals after opening her Pyeongchang campaign with a crushing 10-3 victory over the Olympic Athletes from Russia.
And when he's not putting the frighteners on teenage girls, the increasingly unhinged Max also finds time to give Ian a sinister warning.
That came after Muir put the Turn to Page 42 From Back Page frighteners on her rivals by controlling the pace early on.
When David stumbles in on Lauren bullying his niece, Bethany, he seizes the chance to put the frighteners on the schoolgirl.
I can't believe how much certain folk high up in the Labour Party are trying to put the frighteners on people about Jeremy Corbyn.
Then the largely conservative press and TV will gently put the frighteners of this "Red Menace" or cleverer still, convey him as some form of buffoon as they did with Michael Foot so many years ago and the smug Conservative Party, already trampling over ordinary people's aspirations, will march on dangerously unopposed for many years as Labour, the only party that historically has gained any real workers' rights, writhes in the wilderness.
Will putting the frighteners on her have the desired effect?
calls up a couple of his thuggy chums and instructs them to put the frighteners on his missus.
EMMERDALE ITV 7pm and 8pm David tries to put the frighteners on Lachlan.
Was he under a stone when Ukip polled most votes in May 2014, or when Ukip won Rochester and Strood, or when Ukip won Clacton, or came second at Eastleigh, or came close to winning Middleton, or put the frighteners on Lib Lab Con at just about every election in the last five years?
Bookmakers, left battered and bruised by the results from matchday one, are now left fearing another horror story as eight odds-on favourites bid to put the frighteners on the reeling layers.
MAAMA MOLITIKA will return to boost the Cardiff Blues today and bid to put the frighteners on the Falcons.
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