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The episode has left [the student] lonely and withdrawn, and now frightened to go to college because of what you did.
The researchers reported that when the volunteers were shown incongruent pairings of facial expressions and body postures--a frightened face with an angry body posture, for instance--their accuracy was 64 percent.
The difference in tone in the two hospital visits encapsulates the transformation of George, from adventurous and bold to frightened and meek.
That frightened him,'' said his sister Sharon Riolo.
I was delighted and it was totally deserved though I was a bit frightened at half-time when we had dominated the game so much but had not scored.
Emulating the 2000 success of his Westmead Merlin-sired half brother, Frightened Pig led home a one-two for trainer Jason Foster in the pounds 10,000 Harold's Cross showpiece, Selby Ben being the runner-up.
For patients frightened of respiratory sensations, have them hold their breath, breathe through a small straw, or hyperventilate.
He cited "buildings that have made themselves stick out" as likely to have the most trouble with frightened tenants.
Frail and frightened human beings thus could ingratiate themselves with these external powers so that instead of being victimized by them, they could move the deity to protect or spare them instead" (52).
This brings to mind another interviewer who said that he did not believe that I was not frightened all those years under house arrest.
Blind students at first are frightened and need much encouragement.
Schandorff gave the white swan much grace--and made the black swan quite a brutal flirt--with rapid wing movements and frightened eyes.
A frightened industry keeps its own counsel, telling itself that things will be all right--substituting mythology for methodology, misperceptions for process.
For many folks living in contemporary secular society, these angels probably slake a deepening thirst for something spiritual while offering them a hopeful reminder of God's protective love--not a small boon to souls feeling frightened and lost in a stormy world.
I was in pain and I was frightened because I had never felt like this before.
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