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The woodman and his wife, being awakened by the noise, peeped through a crack in the door; but when they saw a wolf was there, you may well suppose that they were sadly frightened; and the woodman ran for his axe, and gave his wife a scythe.
She was not frightened, because he was a harmless little thing who would not hurt her and he seemed in a hurry to get out of the room.
But going on, too, working pretty hard, and busily keeping red-hot all the irons I now had in the fire, I would sit sometimes of a night, opposite my aunt, thinking how I had frightened Dora that time, and how I could best make my way with a guitar-case through the forest of difficulty, until I used to fancy that my head was turning quite grey.
"I met nobody, for it was very early, and I got into the wood....I knew the way to the place...the place against the nut-tree; and I could hear it crying at every step....I thought it was alive....I don't know whether I was frightened or glad...I don't know what I felt.
Innocent as I had been of any intention to terrify and agitate her, my heart smote me as I looked at the poor, pale, frightened face.
"You couldn't help it, I know but I wish it was me you had frightened, and not her."
He intended to go back to the farm and to his grandfather, but lost his way and for hours he wandered weeping and frightened on country roads.
Into his mind came the thought that his having been lost and frightened in the darkness was an altogether unimportant matter.
His mind went back to the night when he had been frightened by thoughts of a giant that might come to rob and plun- der him of his possessions, and again as on that night when he had run through the fields crying for a son, he became excited to the edge of insanity.
"It was only yesterday," said George, "as I was busy loading stones into a cart, that young Mas'r Tom stood there, slashing his whip so near the horse that the creature was frightened. I asked him to stop, as pleasant as I could,--he just kept right on.
I've taken care of myself for a long time now, and I've done it without being frightened. We were together two Sundays, and I'm sure I wasn't frightened of Bob, or you.
"I am frightened," Saxon quavered huskily, with a half-sob of nervousness.
'Yes, sir,' she rejoined, trembling and frightened as she was.
All was very quiet, and she went on again--not absolutely frightened, but a little quicker than before perhaps, and possibly not quite so much at her ease, for a check of that kind is startling.
Lecount; 'and you and Miss Vanstone shall judge for yourselves if I have frightened you without a cause.'
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