frighten (one) into (something)

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frighten (one) into (something)

1. To scare or intimidate one into doing something. The clap of thunder frightened Katie into jumping out of her chair. The relentless snow and slippery roads frightened me into pulling over.
2. To scare or intimidate one into entering some place or thing. I had to frighten the dog back into the house—we were already running late, and she wasn't listening to any of my commands. Frighten the children into the school if you have to—just get them indoors before this storm hits.
3. To scare one into a particular emotional state. Don't let Betsy watch a horror movie—they always frighten her into a whimpering mess.
See also: frighten

frighten someone (or an animal) into something

 and frighten someone or an animal in 
1. to scare someone or an animal into entering something or some place. The trouble in the neighborhood frightened most of the residents into their houses. The mouse was out of its hole, but we came in and frightened the little mouse back in.
2. to scare someone or an animal into a particular state. They frightened me into a quivering mass. The mouse was frightened into a state of confusion.
See also: frighten

frighten (someone or an animal) into doing something

to threaten someone or an animal into doing something. You can't frighten me into leaving! Let's try to frighten the coyotes into running away.
See also: frighten
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They resort to lies and spread falsehood in a desperate attempt to frighten us into silence.
I suspect he is using Obama to frighten us into staying in the EU and, in return, he will help Obama in getting the deal he wants from the EU.
S Gordon I SEE the big pharmaceutical companies have launched their annual campaign to frighten us into administering drugs to our children that they don't need, ie the flu vaccine.
No identifiable enemy, no borders and the added bonus that these groups always spring up in oil and mineral rich nations and on the domestic front can be used as an excuse to frighten us into accepting ever increasing restrictions on our freedom.
Black propaganda to frighten us into paying PS80billion for Trident Mark II, which even Portillo says Britain doesn't need.
"They are trying to frighten us into thinking that if the foreigners are not in Afghanistan, we would be facing these sorts of incidents."
The whole basis of their argument seems to be to frighten us into voting for them for fear of what a Conservative Government may do.
And do not expect them to lighten up as the General Election approaches and they each spread scare stories about the other in a bid to frighten us into voting for them.
CCTV films people being beaten up by gangs of feral yobs; these horrific images are then shown on TV to frighten us into clamouring for more CCTV.
"They are trying to frighten us into submission with the financial penalties that a court action could cause us.
If they have the intelligence and wish to make a statement they should meet us around the table to discuss their issues, but they should not try to frighten us into submission as we possess a strength that they can never compete with and win.
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