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They are trying to frighten old people by saying that we will take away bus passes or winter fuel payments.
But the firework items that he had bought including thundercrackers and a battle simulator were commercial pyrotechnics which were available to the public and he had not bought them to injure of frighten anyone.
Now, why something like that becomes frightening but everything else that's unnatural in this world that we engage in does not frighten people, I don't know.
Some children also take delight in shouting and waving at him through the garden fence and neighbours say they often poke sticks through their fences to antagonise and frighten their dogs.
The Friends of Cotteridge Park will be dipping toast in cider and leaving it out for the Robins - said to be the guardians of the orchard - drinking mulled apple juice, making a loud noise to frighten off evil spirits and having a barbecue.
They took him in a car to a remote country land where they attempted to frighten him to admit it.
Some horror must have happened at the site of their home, because of the nightmares and waking dreams that frighten Emily and her brother.
Let nothing frighten you' are the words of a prayer that is stuck on my bedroom wall.
That doesn't frighten me because there's the security factor that this guy looks like a woman.
The universality of fears, whether adult or childhood, is attested to in this combination of 16 plates by Jean-Michel Basquiat with Maya Angelou's poem "Life Doesn't Frighten Me.