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Officer Friendly

A police officer who is perceived as non-threatening due to his calm and amiable demeanor. Dale, I know you think aggression is the best way to get information, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to get people to talk to you when you're Officer Friendly. Stop yelling at me! I want Officer Friendly to do my interrogation!
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be on good terms (with someone)

To have a friendly or pleasant relationship with someone. No, I'm on good terms with Stephanie now—we reconciled after that argument. You should always try to be on good terms with your boss. Anne and Paula had been fighting, but they're on good terms now.
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be on bad terms (with someone)

To be in a state of utter disagreement, dislike, or contempt with someone. My ex-husband and I wanted to part amicably, but ever since the divorce started, we have been on really bad terms. I'm on bad terms with Stephanie ever since that argument.
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be on friendly terms with (someone)

To have a pleasant relationship with someone. I'm on friendly terms with Stephanie now—we reconciled after that argument. You should always try to be on friendly terms with your boss.
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user friendly

Fig. easy to use. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The set-up instructions for the printer were very user friendly. I have a user-friendly computer that listens to my voice and does what I tell it.
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be on good, bad, friendly, etc. ˈterms (with somebody)

have a good, bad, friendly, etc. relationship with somebody: He’s not on very good terms with his wife’s family.I’m on first-name terms with my boss now (= we call each other by our first names).
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The magazine has unveiled the results of its 2016 survey taken by some 128,000 readers including its list of the worlds friendliest cities, where readers felt most welcome.
The World's Top 10 Friendliest Cities are: Florianopolis, Brazil; Hobart, Tasmania; Thimpu, Bhutan; Queenstown, New Zealand; Charleston, South Carolina; Paro, Bhutan; Margaret River, Australia; Mandalay, Burma; Kilkenny, Ireland / Ubud, Bali, Indonesia; Chian Mai, Thailand.
Tokyo emerged the king of cities, taking out the top spot in both friendliest and best taxi services, cleanest streets, best public transport and safest city, as well as coming second to Cancun in the friendliest locals category.
The Forbes 15 World's Friendliest Countries list ranked Bahrain as the 13th, based on the ease with which expats can befriend locals, learn the local language, integrate into the community and fit into the culture.
Well, as the sign proclaims, it IS Britain's friendliest course - and perhaps, in the best Carry On tradition, someone has gone for a P
The poorest are the friendliest people on earth," Joaquin Ogallar Barragan, 58, told Gulf News in an interview in Abu Dhabi while on a brief stopover in preparation for his third solo worldwide biking expedition.
Ireland's top international visitor attraction, the Guinness Storehouse is attempting to make March 17 the world's friendliest day during a St.
Not yet but if plans for a major supermarket come to fruition, despite its comparative closeness to the high street, it could have serious consequences for Amble, 'The Friendliest Port', and its high street.
was recently dubbed the friendliest small town in America by USA Today.
Summary: Oasis Centre, widely regarded as Dubai's friendliest mall, has lined up an exciting calendar of activities for their shoppers this Ramadan.
NexCen Brands has been recognized as one of the top five friendliest franchises for minorities by the National Minority Franchising Initiative (NMFI).
Global Banking News-7 December 2009-HSBC survey says Vietnam one of friendliest counties(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
I've lived here all my life and firmly believe that we have the friendliest citizens in the country.
Warburtons bakers are running a competition to find the friendliest school crossing patrol.
However, there was one thing you didn't mention: Dick Wiedhopf and his dedicated bunch are the friendliest people in the world.