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Waiting to be entertained, in a strange country, almost friendless.
Using the same caution still, I now accounted for my presence at Knowlesbury in the same manner, and I put it to the doctor to say whether the trust reposed in me by a lady whom he well knew, and the hospitality I had myself received in his house, justified me or not in asking him to come to my assistance in a place where I was quite friendless.
A word from me, and house, lands, baronetcy, were gone from him for ever--a word from me, and he was driven out into the world, a nameless, penniless, friendless outcast
I went to him and represented my case very plainly, and asked if he would trouble himself to be my adviser, who was a poor friendless widow, and knew not what to do.
If you suppose that boy to be friendless, Mr Wrayburn, you deceive yourself.
You may have promised yourself, sir, that you could do what you chose here, because you had to deal with a mere boy, inexperienced, friendless, and unassisted.
City, friendless in the ante-post outright market, made a mockery of pre-season pessimism with a comfortable 3-0 success over West Brom that saw a drastic reaction in the title betting.
Another lad was named Leicester Railways after he was born in a carriage at Leicester Railway Station and poor old Friendless Baxter was born in Leeds in 1871.
Josh Gad is a friendless schlub who hires Hart's professional best man for his wedding to The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, paying extra to find him seven groomsmen.
The hero is a friendless schlub who hires Hart's professional best man to make him look popular at his wedding, paying extra to find him seven groomsmen.
IRISH CAVALIER is friendless for Cheltenham's Caspian Caviar Gold Cup after trainer Rebecca Curtis revealed the ante-post favourite's participation hinges on the results of a blood test.
No leader will be gleeful at unpopular moves that leave him friendless - the butt of every citizen convinced that he or she could do better.
This smart wedding comedy aims for Hangover-style laughs and, while it never quite reaches those heights, it does have the funny and barbed Kevin Hart as the professional 'wedding ringer,' providing rented best man duties for friendless but genial chump Doug (Josh Gad) as he prepares to wed demanding Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, from TV's The Big Bang Theory).
No scent, no perfume, no real life, a friendless and empty shell, their beauty just on the outside.
05 ( ANI ): For those bored of spending weekends all by themselves could take help of 'Friends for Hire' that aims to help the friendless find a friend.