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20 Windsor SP forecast 10-11 Friendless in betting in comparison to well-backed and winning stablemate at Goodwood ten days ago and his inexperience was plain to see, especially at the start, which he fluffed.
The Staggies (10-1) have been friendless in the market but did take a point at Parkhead four weeks ago so it's perhaps a surprise we haven't seen much interest for another stalemate at 6-1.
If one's needy enough to feel one's urge to eat the last biscuit is of interest to others then there's the same chance one will be decried as tiresome, friendless, for that very reason.
Auden is a misfit, bookish and friendless, she spends her nights driving around drinking coffee and sleeps all day.
A MOBILE phone company has pulled a television advert depicting scout leaders as balding, friendless bores after the youth organisation complained.
After a initial lack of interest since he chased home new kid on the block Madison Du Berlais in the one-off Levy Board Chase, bookmakers have reported last year's winner to be friendless in the Gold Cup market.
Here, no laughter, "leg-pull", banter, Here, there is no need to canter, Time means nothing, days are endless, Daily tasks are all done friendless, No
Hills spokeswoman Kate Miller said: "With Aidan having five in the field, Johnny Murtagh's ride selection was always going to be extremely telling and while other Ballydoyle runners are currently friendless in the betting, King of Rome is all the rage.
The Friends of Friendless Churches stepped in to give Anglesey's Llanfigael Church a new lease of life.
High school geek Jeremy is socially awkward, nearly friendless, and unhealthily obsessed with the confident and beautiful Christine.
The hungry are being fed and the friendless befriended.
Award-winning author and illustrator Linda Marchus presents Shy Sherman, a children's picturebook about a shy, friendless pig.
Willie finds a safe harbor at the home of 8-year-old misfit Thurman Merman (newcomer Brett Kelly), a pudgy, friendless kid who seems to believe that Willie really is Santa.
Mandy returns, only to find herself friendless and Paddyless.
If the new year still finds you friendless, ask your school counselor for more insight.