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fry the fat out of

To get money out of someone through violence and/or extortion. If you don't pay up, I'll have my men fry the fat out of you, don't you worry. It's time to fry the fat out of you, Stan, because I always get my money, one way or another.
See also: fat, fry, of, out

fry up

To use direct heat to cook some food, often in fat or oil. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fry" and "up." Oh, I'm just frying up some bacon for breakfast.
See also: fry, up

fry something up

to cook something by frying. Let's fry some chicken up for dinner. We fried up some chicken.
See also: fry, up

fry up

To prepare or make something by frying: I'll fry up some pancakes for breakfast. They fried some bacon up for the sandwiches.
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and brain-fried
mod. brain-damaged from drugs. (see also burnout.) Man, you’re gonna get brain-burned from this stuff. When he finally got totally brain-fried, he asked for help.




1. n. a real or imaginary act of copulation where the male leaps or dives onto and into the female. (Usually objectionable.) The movie showed some jerk allegedly performing a flying-fuck, just for laughs.
2. and french-fried-fuck n. something totally worthless. (Usually objectionable.) Who gives a flying-fuck anyway? I wouldn’t give you a french-fried-fuck for all the crummy cars like that in the world.




1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. (see also brain-burned, crisp, southern-fried.) How the hell did you get so fried?
2. mod. sunburned. Man, is that babe fried!

Kentucky fried

mod. alcohol intoxicated. (An elaboration of fried. Based on the trade name Kentucky Fried Chicken, now known as KFC.) Man, is that guy really Kentucky fried!
See also: fried


mod. very drunk or drug intoxicated; very fried. She got herself perma-fried and couldn’t drive home.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. (An elaboration of fried, referring to fried chicken.) When Bob came home southern-fried, his wife nearly killed him.
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