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fret about someone or something

 and fret over someone or something
to worry about someone or something. Please don't fret about being a few minutes late. There is no need to fret over Larry.
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Fret not!

Inf. Don't worry!; Do not fret about it! Mary: Oh, look at the clock! I'm going to be late for my appointment! Bob: Fret not! I'll drive you. "Fret not!" said Sally. "We're almost there!"
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In the present work, pure PEEK material was prepared by a hot compression molding technique and the fretting wear behaviors under high temperatures were investigated using an oscillating reciprocating ball-on-disk tribometer.
Friction surfaces of polished samples are populated with cavities filled with oxidized debris, typical of fretting wear.
An new approach was introduced in order to represent and classify experimentally the fretting through fretting cards which consist in a diagram showing the various regimes according to parameters such as (displacement, amplitude and frequency) with their respective boundaries indicating the transition from one regime to another.
Foram realizados ensaios de fadiga por fretting de modo que as cargas de contato e a tensao alternada de fadiga foram mantidas constantes para todos os ensaios, variando apenas a tensao media aplicada.
An ex-convent girl (Jaime Murray) tried to seduce Gil, failed, and then made him drive her through a storm fretting that God would judge her for sinful thoughts.
The company has developed a two-axis system that can be used to simulate fretting corrosion in just a few days--a process that would normally take months.
Fret when you find out the video game (the one you've been fretting about because it's too violent) that your kid craves is sold out and won't be available until March.
My child is allergic to milk and eggs and so I have been fretting over his birthday cake.
So just stop fretting, take my word, I know that this may sound absurd But something always rears it head To help you get to sleep in bed.
How about some honest-to-goodness fretting over the future?
Long service life would require a high resistance against corrosion and resistance against fretting in the case of carcass cords of track tires which easily receive a few retreads until they are discarded for good.
Conservationists fretting about the dwindling of North American bee species have new evidence of the insects' importance.
Faced with years of continual pressure, fretting eventually occurs along the 'dieset bolster'.
For all of City Hall's fretting about the danger of secession sapping the city's ``clout,'' that clout has never been used for the Valley's benefit.