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fret about someone or something

 and fret over someone or something
to worry about someone or something. Please don't fret about being a few minutes late. There is no need to fret over Larry.
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Fret not!

Inf. Don't worry!; Do not fret about it! Mary: Oh, look at the clock! I'm going to be late for my appointment! Bob: Fret not! I'll drive you. "Fret not!" said Sally. "We're almost there!"
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References in classic literature ?
A smell as of unwholesome sheep blending with the smell of must and dust is referable to the nightly (and often daily) consumption of mutton fat in candles and to the fretting of parchment forms and skins in greasy drawers.
Then you are fretting about General Tilney, and that is very simple of you; for ten to one whether you ever see him again.
I could not guess what his decision might be, and for hours I sat fretting over the outcome of the matter.
Let the world go on fretting about Laura and Petrarch if it will; but as for me, my tears and my lamentations shall be lavished upon the unsung defendant.
All the air was laden with the bitter fragrance of the May, and all the bosky shades of the woodlands beyond rang with the sweet song of birds--the throstle cock, the cuckoo, and the wood pigeon-- and with the song of birds mingled the cool sound of the gurgling brook that leaped out of the forest shades, and ran fretting amid its rough, gray stones across the sunlit open glade before the trysting tree.
Meanwhile the steady beat of her own pulse represented the hot current of feeling that ran down beneath; beating, struggling, fretting.
Again she called him by name, and at the same instant the ape, fretting under the restraints of the unaccustomed garments of the Tarmangani, tore the burnoose from him, revealing to the eyes of the horror-struck woman the hideous face and hairy form of a giant anthropoid.
I have been fretting, Trent, you see how pale I am.
Anna Arkadyevna," the countess said in explanation to her son, "has a little son eight years old, I believe, and she has never been parted from him before, and she keeps fretting over leaving him.
she said, 'I know why you're sitting here, and fretting, all by yourself.
Ideal for use in the heavy equipment, mining, medical and mass transit markets, the AHVB terminal series exhibits zero fretting and can handle up to 100,000 mating cycles.
An experimental study was developed to analyze wear by fretting and predict life duration (lifetime duration) of the interface for a sphere/plane contact configuration for very thick layers.
The results provide a comparison between fretting and reciprocating sliding situation.
Vadiraj and Kamaraj present a study of fretting wear tests of surface modified biomedical titanium alloys in medical grade devices used for biomedical implants in hips, knees, and other joints.
A fadiga por fretting e um dos modos mais comuns de fadiga por contato e refere-se ao deslizamento de pequena amplitude entre duas superficies em contato, favorecendo a nucleacao de trincas que, devido ao carregamento ciclico aplicado ao componente, podem propagar-se e causar a sua falha.