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fret about someone or something

 and fret over someone or something
to worry about someone or something. Please don't fret about being a few minutes late. There is no need to fret over Larry.
See also: fret

Fret not!

Inf. Don't worry!; Do not fret about it! Mary: Oh, look at the clock! I'm going to be late for my appointment! Bob: Fret not! I'll drive you. "Fret not!" said Sally. "We're almost there!"
See also: fret
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After incubation, the cells were transfected with 1:3 ratio of cDNA encoding FRET probe (Turquoise--catalytically inactive EPAC--Venus): TransIT--X2 (transfection reagent from Mirusbio).
TaqMan chemistries take advantage of this and FRET together through the addition of short single-stranded synthetic DNA probes, labeled at one end with a reporter and at the other end with its paired quencher, to a PCR reaction.
It is difficult to predict how long sea fret will last, it depends on the air temperatures and the wind.
Les experts ont ete charges d'identifier les failles dans le controle du fret et des colis postaux dans les aeroports.
I also fret that this attitude to education and spelling infers that all young people are equally dim, which is simply not the case.
FRET requires the use of two fluorescent dyes, one termed a donor and the other an acceptor.
But those with an insatiable sweet tooth shouldn't fret.
Fret about everything you haven't done yet to get ready for the holidays.
The revisionists of adolescence fret over golf prodigy Michelle Wie, 14.
security experts, meanwhile, fret that there will never be enough budget or manpower to sift through the rising mound of collected data.
So when I write, I don't fret too much about whether I'm writing science fiction or fantasy.
Other program options allow for displaying chord names/guitar fret diagrams, tablature, scaling to different sizes and automatically reformatting, rearranging/deleting verses and playing with band accompaniment.
I go to bed and fret all night I say my prayers turn out the light I wonder how I'mgoing to pay.
5-inch color LCD panel, and there's no need to fret about recording over images you've laid down previously because the M30K automatically finds space for you and starts recording there.