fresh off the boat

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fresh off the boat

Newly immigrated, especially without having yet assimilated the host country's language, culture, and/or behavior. My grandfather was still fresh off the boat when he opened up his business here in 1820, and he didn't speak a lick of English.
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off the boat

recently arrived from a foreign country, and by implication naive or an outsider. informal, often offensive
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mod. fresh off the boat; as gullible and trusting as a new immigrant. (Initialism. A play on the initials of Free on Board.) Where did you get those FOB shoes? Blue suede is back?
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Calgary's vanning program is light years away from the 1920s, when well-meaning young women recruited for the Lord's work by English-born Miss Hasell would arrive fresh off the boat from England and set off for months at a time in sturdy, sparsely-equipped Ford vans.
What's often left unsaid in discussions of Toronto's new wave is how relatively fresh off the boat they were.
If you want to go see him, he's more apt to see you than a guy fresh off the boat.
In colonial times, teaching was held in such disregard that it was common for communities to hire indentured immigrants, fresh off the boat, to teach their children.
The fish is generous, fresh off the boat, battered with a loving authority.
Refugees fresh off the boat are obviously not taxpayers, but it's hardly unrealistic to weigh their potential in this respect, once they have settled down and obtained jobs.
Fresh off the boat from his rocking performance at Delhi's Amber Lounge during the Indian Grand Prix, it was clear that he came off much better than Tom Cruise.
He had met Viveka at the time she was fresh off the boat from Mauritius, about 10 years ago.
With only a couple of dozen of the silver beasts fresh off the boat from Thailand ahead of the model's September launch, perhaps it's no surprise that the Thunder should attract a few admiring glances from small boys.
The occasion for my visit was the start of the Amritsari food festival -- Twenty- 9' s first regional cuisine showcase -- and I took a colleague, who's fresh off the boat from Kerala, to introduce him to my favourite cuisine.
Instead, what you'll want to do is merely slip a few potent Irishisms into your speech, thereby playing the easier role of someone whose Irish accent is simply waning after years in America, rather than a Mick fresh off the boat.
Fuel economy and efficiency is dramatically improved over the outgoing model, although the Ranger is so fresh off the boat that when the first models hit UK roads for the first time, the manual hadn't even been printed and many of the key statistics were still awaiting formal confirmation.