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And, if they are looking for fresh blood, then Fahey is a guy who can help the Irish," said McLeish.
The fresh blood taken from the volunteers and pumped into the commando were crucial in keeping him alive, because it contained platelets to stop the constant bleeding.
Inside his apartment, officers began to get suspicious when they saw a portable stereo in a corner covered with fresh blood, police said.
Complained one critic: "They are trying to get new recruits, fresh blood almost, into the community.
This is because BB-10153 is activated by thrombin, which is only produced at the site of a fresh blood clot.
Sam badly needed a transfusion, or replacement of fresh blood, to save his life.
But now, very little fresh blood is entering the profession.
The author's boa embrace of the connoisseur's creed produces its own kind of angst, and one finds oneself longing for some kind of acute present tense, some fresh blood, maybe a little barf material.
We use fresh blood, rather than dried, which we source from my uncle's slaughterhouse three miles away, because it adds a better texture than with dried - it's more moist and more delicious.
There are several benefits to donating according to the Dubai Health Authority, including regular blood pressure and haemoglobin checks, preventing build-up of iron, the activation of bone marrow to produce fresh blood cells and, most importantly, to make a difference to the community.
which will make our native talent to shine and could compete with the technology rich countries around the globe We have some outstanding fresh blood that needs just a place to exploit their energies and do some wonders to make us proud The government seems a but serious in digitizing the country and in the process left no stone unturned.
NEALE COOPER vowed to bolster Peterhead's promotion push with fresh blood after blasting his side's performance.
Now the Boss Sounds boys are bringing us some fresh blood, in the shape of Pama International at The Cluny in Ouseburn, Newcastle, on Sunday.
But fresh blood tests have matched Paul's DNA to his parents, meaning the samples are genuine.