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feeding frenzy

1. A group attack on prey by predatory animals. All the children enjoy going to the aquarium to watch the feeding frenzy that occurs when the sharks are given food by the staff.
2. An intense competition by a group of people striving to get the same thing. The media feeding frenzy that occurred when the actress slipped and fell on the red carpet was an embarrassment for journalists everywhere.
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feeding frenzy

1. Lit. [of sharks] a vicious, competitive feeding attack on prey animals. One of the sharks was fatally bitten during a feeding frenzy amongst his own kind.
2. Fig. a vicious attack on someone or something. It wasn't an office argument, it was a feeding frenzy led by the head accountant!
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a feeding frenzy

COMMON A feeding frenzy is a situation in which a lot of people become very excited about an event and try to get as much information about it or get as much advantage from it as they can, often in an unpleasant way. What the couple hadn't expected in their relationship was the feeding frenzy of publicity that has followed their every move. The discovery caused a feeding frenzy among biologists, whose eyes lit up with visions of the Nobel Prizes to be had for claiming and naming new species. Note: This expression was first used to describe the behaviour of groups of sharks when there is blood in the water but not enough food for them all. In this situation the sharks will attack anything that they see, even each other.
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feeding frenzy

an episode of frantic competition or rivalry for something.
The term originally denoted literally an aggressive and competitive group attack on prey by a number of sharks or piranhas.
2000 Larry King Live (CNN) Haven't we learned today the way this story has unfolded…to guess that this was yet another successful Republican attempt to manipulate the political process and generate a media feeding frenzy which the media has again fallen for?
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a ˈfeeding frenzy

(especially American English) a period of time during which somebody/something eats, spends, etc. a lot in a way that does not seem to be controlled: The news about their marriage started a media feeding frenzy, with all the newspapers trying to get photos and interviews.
A feeding frenzy is an occasion when a group of sharks or other fish attack and eat something.
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feeding frenzy

Excited activity, usually around some focal point. The term alludes to the intense, excited feeding by sharks and other predators attracted to prey. Its figurative use dates from the late 1900s. It often has been used for the flocking of media around an event of great interest to the public, such as a notorious murder trial.
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Vishal Swara, Managing Director, VSR Infratech Ltd, while launching Frenzy Adventure, said, "We realised that thrill seekers from Delhi/ NCR were travelling long distances to achieve the adrenaline rush that they love.
The Funding Feeding Frenzy is the place to be for entrepreneurs and founders of fast-growing companies who want to connect with investors waiting to sink their teeth into a winning idea.
Reading Frenzy proprietress Chloe Eudaly, who has yet to visit Japan, sums up her customers this way: "Different people come to appreciate Japanese culture in different ways, and they don't necessarily go for anything outside of their particular niche.
Despite the frenzy of media attention that Rwanda provoked in 1994, the press has fallen eerily silent about efforts to render justice for what happened .
Cassidy looks for the guilty parties and finds many: stock market analysts; journalists and authors who gladly trumpeted a new era; industralists with smoke-and-mirrors Internet projects; politicians like Al Gore and Newt Gingrich, who encouraged the frenzy with political crusades in support of the Information Highway.
These reversals are sharpest where the high-tech frenzy has been the greatest.
And a frenzy it is: 20 years after the advent of the computer age, Americans use more paper than ever.
It had a feeling about it suggestive of a feral swarm, a feeding frenzy that somehow overwhelmed the thing it supposedly was about, this "art" thing that in Manhattan had always been neighborhood specific or even bar specific - I mean Cedar Tavern specific, or Max's Kansas City specific, or SoHo specific; an element of contrivance had slipped in, something "simulacral," to use a word very popular at the time.
The Gary Hart/Donna Rice frenzy offers an occasional point of comparison in light of the research Sabato has already done.
When the media find a hot new scandal, they engage in what political scientist Larry Sabato calls a "feeding frenzy.
Frenzy is a synonym for ecstasy, rapture, epiphany--that "still point" in which the human suddenly sees the superhuman and also recognizes the gap between daily life and eternity.
Grandma's wedding pearls or letters from a loved one may not cause the same bidding frenzy as Jackie O's jewelry, but the real value of personal keepsakes far outweighs a $6,000 washbasin.