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feeding frenzy

1. A group attack on prey by predatory animals. All the children enjoy going to the aquarium to watch the feeding frenzy that occurs when the sharks are given food by the staff.
2. An intense competition by a group of people striving to get the same thing. The media feeding frenzy that occurred when the actress slipped and fell on the red carpet was an embarrassment for journalists everywhere.
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feeding frenzy

1. Lit. [of sharks] a vicious, competitive feeding attack on prey animals. One of the sharks was fatally bitten during a feeding frenzy amongst his own kind.
2. Fig. a vicious attack on someone or something. It wasn't an office argument, it was a feeding frenzy led by the head accountant!
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a feeding frenzy

COMMON A feeding frenzy is a situation in which a lot of people become very excited about an event and try to get as much information about it or get as much advantage from it as they can, often in an unpleasant way. What the couple hadn't expected in their relationship was the feeding frenzy of publicity that has followed their every move. The discovery caused a feeding frenzy among biologists, whose eyes lit up with visions of the Nobel Prizes to be had for claiming and naming new species. Note: This expression was first used to describe the behaviour of groups of sharks when there is blood in the water but not enough food for them all. In this situation the sharks will attack anything that they see, even each other.
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feeding frenzy

an episode of frantic competition or rivalry for something.
The term originally denoted literally an aggressive and competitive group attack on prey by a number of sharks or piranhas.
2000 Larry King Live (CNN) Haven't we learned today the way this story has unfolded…to guess that this was yet another successful Republican attempt to manipulate the political process and generate a media feeding frenzy which the media has again fallen for?
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a ˈfeeding frenzy

(especially American English) a period of time during which somebody/something eats, spends, etc. a lot in a way that does not seem to be controlled: The news about their marriage started a media feeding frenzy, with all the newspapers trying to get photos and interviews.
A feeding frenzy is an occasion when a group of sharks or other fish attack and eat something.
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Wood, who has a history of alcohol dependence, stabbed father-of-two Mr DeLacy, a casino director with A&S Leisure, 28 times in a frenzied and violent attack in his flat after meeting him earlier in a pub, Leeds Crown Court heard yesterday.
After the frenzied voting died down, Jamie Davis, 22, offered this about the girl he's known for about 10 years.
Two drug addicts who clubbed and stabbed a disabled pensioner to death in a frenzied attack before setting the body on fire have been jailed for life.
It calls us to the summer sense that days matter--even the long and lazy days of summer, or even the heated stay-where-it's-cool days of summer, or even the frenzied holiday days of summer, or even the frustratingly routine days of summer when all the world seems on vacation and you, you alone remain behind to carry on.
It was clearly a very frenzied attack and I think we can say the culprit is likely to be someone who knew Kylee
They are brought back to earth after a frenzied first half.
I was used to reading a poem as a kind of academic exercise where my frenzied brain and eye sought to figure it all out.
Frenzied bidding wars among would-be tenants, common a year ago, are no more.
MALCOLM ANDERS was today found guilty of murdering his wife in a frenzied knife attack.
IN the good old days, when they were still called GCEs and I was still sitting them, our set Shakespeare play was Othello - the story of a man who became so frenzied by self-pity that he savagely murdered his wife and then killed himself.
Gnutella is a variation of the popular program called Napster, which has set off a frenzied exchange of free music online.
The firm's rock bottom stock price indicates that Wall Street is no longer willing to pay for the aggressive, frenzied acquisition strategy that catapulted CHS into the big leagues of PC distribution.
Does our frenzied gobbling of goods improve our health or happiness?
The appearance of hypocrisy may trigger frenzied behavior.
The result is five 30-second commercials featuring colliding hockey players, frenzied fans and, occasionally, dead fish being tossed onto the ice.