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Despite lobbying efforts by the credit bureaus and retail industry, momentum for security freezes continues to build.
Others have studied the effects of major weather systems such as El Nino on Florida crop freezes, but the simulations provide a first look at the consequences of local land-use changes, says Pielke.
And while reanimating entire bodies may be a stretch, Storey and others are striving to find methods to freeze and thaw pieces of individual cells, scraps of tissue, even organs like livers and hearts--because for transplant patients freezable organs could be lifesavers.
Trees that initially leafed out and seemed to have survived the freeze were showing shriveled leaves and more dead branches by midsummer.
The Internal Revenue Service issued a number of technical advice memorandums from 1984 to 1987 asserting adverse gift and estate tax consequences in such estate freeze transactions.
The explanation of this unexpected shape, however, turned out to involve the angles between solid, liquid, and air at the interface where all three meet, which moves as the water freezes.
Without sufficient nuclei present at the equilibrium temperature of solidification, the molten iron will undercool before it starts to freeze.
However, high levels of these chemicals apparently don't entirely explain the animals' survival, the researchers add, since painted turtles observed after spring freezes have survived "despite low levels of cryoprotectants.
To avoid this damage, cryobiologists usually cool their samples slowly so that water has enough time to come out of cells before it freezes.