freeze wages

freeze (one's) wages

Of a business, to maintain an employee's pay at its current rate. Is it true that the company is going to freeze our wages this year? I was hoping for a raise.
See also: freeze, wage

freeze someone's wages

Fig. to hold someone's pay at its current level. The company froze everyone's wages as soon as the economy went sour.
See also: freeze, wage
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How on earth can we be oil rich, operate one of the highest tax systems in Europe, pay out one of the poorest pensions in the developed world, freeze wages for years and still be broke?
PDVSA was forced in April 2009 to freeze wages for the employees, even as annual inflation was then said to be running at 30%.
Loss of revenue from the decrease in Orlando passenger numbers was considered the main reason earlier this year for a vote by the airport board to freeze wages of Yeager workers and increase employee contributions to health insurance.
It gives the provincial government the power to impose contracts that freeze wages, reduce sick days, force three unpaid days off for most and change retirement benefits;
The system will also reduce two to eight hours from another dozen workers' weekly schedules, freeze wages for its entire workforce, and will leave nine vacant jobs unfilled, Edward H.
The two main unions, communist Peo and centre-right Sek, as well as the civil servants' trade union Pasydy, oppose government efforts to freeze wages in the public sector, which puts the communist-led administration in an awkward position amid the ongoing economic crisis.
All unions have rejected a new proposal by Kazamias to freeze wages for two years in a bid to shore up the economy.
The study also revealed that two-thirds of firms were not planning pay rises which matched or exceeded inflation, with one in eight intending to freeze wages.
Unlike big businesses, small firms are unable to absorb the cost, and so to deal with the extra expenses they will have to increase prices, lay off staff and freeze wages.
It was mentioned in the reports that the local union also struck a deal worth millions of dollars to Mitsubishi to cut and freeze wages through 2015.
Firms will have to lay off staff, freeze wages and cut investment if fuel duty prices continue to increase, a business group has warned.
SMALL firms will have to axe staff, freeze wages and reduce investment if fuel duty prices continue to rise, warn business leaders in Coventry and Warwickshire.
Soaring government taxes and hikes in crude oil costs will trigger the rise - forcing firms to lay off staff, freeze wages and cut investment.
Having just taken office over the weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would seek to freeze wages over the 2011 to 2012 fiscal year for New York's roughly 190,000 state workers.
The ConDem Government can freeze wages and sack people, just because we now know how much the Health Department's workforce boss earns.