freeze to death

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freeze someone or something to death

1. Lit. [for cold weather] to kill someone or something. I was afraid that the cold snap would freeze the dog to death.
2. Fig. to make someone or something very cold. This weather is going to freeze us all to death.
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But her biggest challenge was to simply stay warm: If she couldn't hike down the slope immediately, Howkins would freeze to death.
If he wants to freeze to death, he could at least wear a fig leaf.
In quick succession, the Dow crashes hard, Will learns of Gail's infidelity, and he's left to freeze to death in the woods by the mobster whose wife Joel is screwing.
He said: "When the petrol ran out we knew we could either freeze to death in the Jeep or go for it.
Heavy bombs are dropping, and the worry now is that many refugees will freeze to death in the harsh winter.
You might also want to know if you'll freeze to death, and whether you'll be able to breathe.
She had earlier refused to listen to her boyfriend Carl Manning, 28, admit to tying up the girl and leaving her to freeze to death in a bath.
Frankly, I hope they freeze to death on Fifth Avenue.
His father, Glen (Coburn), the alcoholic sadist who made Wade the mess he is, has let his wife freeze to death in their isolated farmhouse.
The men are low on fuel and Penicuik-based boss Frank White fears they could freeze to death.
Allowing thousands of people in Kosovo to starve or freeze to death this winter is unthinkable.
I'd rather freeze to death,'' the normally radiant Judd rasped.
That is, it's excellent work - but watching people tumble off mountains or freeze to death is unsettling.