freeze to

freeze (on)to (something)

To adhere to something through the act of freezing. Is it true that my tongue could freeze to a telephone pole in this cold weather?
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freeze (on)to something

[for something] to touch something very cold and freeze hard and fast to it. My hand froze to the railing. The branch froze onto the side of the house.
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References in classic literature ?
Sometimes Jurgis would be working until late at night, and then it was pitiful, for there was no place for the little fellow to wait, save in the doorways or in a corner of the killing beds, and he would all but fall asleep there, and freeze to death.
On the killing beds you were apt to be covered with blood, and it would freeze solid; if you leaned against a pillar, you would freeze to that, and if you put your hand upon the blade of your knife, you would run a chance of leaving your skin on it.
In addition, in extreme cold ropes can freeze to the ground and to guys tied to these anchor ropes.
But her biggest challenge was to simply stay warm: If she couldn't hike down the slope immediately, Howkins would freeze to death.