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During the 2012 management and labor negotiations, Renault Samsung workers accepted the company's demands to freeze their wages while working overtime.
Bosnia is expected to lower the number of employees in the public administration, freeze their wages and cut some taxes by the end of 2016.
If you take money out of people's pockets and cut the value of benefits and freeze their wages, they have less money to spend in businesses and shops.
The only way to stop going into the red is either to fire expats or freeze their wages or both," Mohammed Al Fizari, HR Manager of National Energy Holding, said.
Under that 2009 agreement, pilots agreed to freeze their wages and benefits for two years and grant their airline hundreds of millions of dollars in relief from its pension funding obligations because of the financial difficulties Air Canada faced at that time.
This time, however, the initiative to freeze their wages comes from within the judicial system, which makes it very likely that the measure will be approved.
Around 1600 members of the Unison, Unite, GMB and Bectu unions are fighting attempts by bosses to freeze their wages and abolish overtime payments.
A spokeswoman for Carmarthenshire council said the Taxpayers' Alliance salaries also included travel and other expenses and that chief officers had agreed to freeze their wages for the next two years.
Its unions have already agreed to 21 month contracts that freeze their wages. "The agreements remain subject to the adoption by the Federal Government of an Order-in-Council amending Air Canada's pension funding rules and Air Canada entering into agreements to raise a minimum of CAD$600 million in new financing," the airline said in a statement.
He claimed: "Small firms would be particularly badly hit, and businesses have told us they would have no option but to lay off employees or freeze their wages." Lord Turner insisted the plan would add only 0.6 per cent to business costs but admitted firms may well have to cut wages.