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If water gets to the die face before the polymer begins to flow, too much cooling will cause the holes to freeze off.
CAS is already being used in Alaska to preserve milt and roe of cod, a product that had been impossible to freeze and still maintain market value.
A freeze would lock down a consumer's credit report, preventing anyone--including the consumer--from instantly opening new credit cards or taking out loans.
The problem is that if these castings are not properly designed, the molten metal will freeze prematurely during casting before all parts of the mold cavity are filled.
Freeze drying is the removal of water from a sample through sublimation.
Mondur MA-2300 isocyanate and Mondur PF-LT isocyanate are liquid MDI adducts that are said to offer processors significantly improved freeze stability, but with processing and physical properties equal or superior to the company's Mondur PF modified monomeric MDI product.