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After adding the BSDF, the freezable water contents and thermal stability were significantly increased (P < 0.05).
Two of these 12 ounce plastic bottles keep water and other drinks cool with a freezable center.
And while reanimating entire bodies may be a stretch, Storey and others are striving to find methods to freeze and thaw pieces of individual cells, scraps of tissue, even organs like livers and hearts--because for transplant patients freezable organs could be lifesavers.
Customers who buy substantial quantities of frozen or freezable goods have freezers.
A boon for busy people, these fully cooked, seasoned, ready-to-eat (but freezable) chicken breast strips are high in flavor, yet low in fat.
Some mention of the limitations of these transcriptions might be useful to the reader, for many Africans generally do not conceive of their musics as segmentable, visible (at least as a transcription), or freezable in time.
Nowhere in the project summaries will an affiliated researcher be found yearning publicly for a world filled with fat-proof, freezable people (although no one seems to have misgivings about any conceivable genetic engineering of pigs, cows, or other nonhumans).
The third type constitutes between about 20 to 30% of tissue moisture content, is freezable, and may be condensed in capillaries or between interfaces of membrane bilayers (Lis et al., 1982).
THE requirement that water lines be freezable and floatable would doubtless give the most agreeable pipe salesmen serious pause.
Niedz says AFP2 could increase supercooling, reduce the amount of freezable water at a given temperature, and decrease the rate of ice spread in the tissues.
GOOD TO KNOW freezable * gluten free PER SERVING (8) energy 477 kcals * fat 35g * saturates 15g * carbs 6g * sugars 4g * fibre 1g * protein 34g * salt 0.3g
Pour into a freezable container and freeze overnight until solid.
Caption: Sea Stones: Chillable Dessert Sampler comes with four glasses that nest into the freezable granite base to keep desserts cold, while a thick cork bottom protects surfaces from scratches and condensation.
Keep plenty of serving-size, freezer-safe containers around, so that when you make a big batch of a shelf-stable or freezable food, you can easily stash it.