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'Contrary to the opinion of the visiting foreign journalists, I believe that the Philippine press is the freest in the region.
Pakistan too promotes free speech and her media is perhaps the freest in the region, nay all of Asia.
Even to this day, the freest country in the world is unable to make itself free from racial and religious profiling of minorities including blacks, Muslims, and immigrants from Latin American country.
Each country and territory is assigned two numerical ratings, from 1 to 7, for political rights and civil liberties, with 1 representing the freest and 7 the least free.
Azerbaijan's economic freedom score is 64.3, making its economy the 67th freest in the 2018 Index among 173 countries.
But he said the priority was for a new deal "that facilitates the freest trade in goods" and "delivers the greatest advantage."
THE UK Government's proposals for the "freest and most frictionless trade possible" with the EU post-Brexit have been described as a "red-tape bombshell for British business".
29 -- Hong Kong is once again the freest jurisdiction in the world while the United States continues its decline, dropping to 23rd in the Human Freedom Index, released today by the Fraser Institute and a network of international public policy think-tanks.
The cradle of the Arab Spring, Tunisia remains the freest Arab democracy.
The defunct was one of the freest voices of the Tunisian media landscape.
This is Sammy Samuels's Burmese name and it's the title he used to vote in Myanmar's historic democratic general elections on Sunday, the freest in a quarter century.
Tunisia has the 107th freest economy in the world with 57.7 score, according to the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom.
Tajikistan's economic freedom score is 52.7, making its economy the 140th freest in the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom conducted by The Heritage Foundation in partnership with The Wall Street Journal.
The Turkish Journalists' Union (TGC) released a written statement earlier this month in reply to Erdoy-an's claims that the Turkish media is the freest in the world, saying, "We are unhappy being the freest media in the West."
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