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The effect of pulp freeness and strength properties with increasing concentration of chitosan is shown in Table 5.
Participants of the July 2008 conference share recent research on affine transformation crossed product type algebras and noncommutative surfaces, C*-algebras associated with iterated function systems, extending representations of normed algebras in Banach spaces, and freeness of group actions on C*-algebras.
There are significant differences in how freeness and fairness of elections are judged in the respective areas.
The inclusiveness, universality and freeness of his contact challenge the rules of Jewish ritual impurity, but also the codes of honour of Mediterranean societies.
This leads him into increasingly utopian pronouncements about our new era of freeness.
I focus on the impressionism of freeness, and the contrast between shiny and dark parts of a statue -- the extreme differences between the two.
GARDNER: There's a freeness and originality that's missing right now because of the new judging system.
Efficiency and Envy Freeness in Fair Division of Indivisible Goods: Logical Representation and Complexity.
Bush took care to observe that Hooker could speak of the freeness of grace, but in the context of a comprehensive analysis of Hooker's many writings the matter of the preacher's free-grace commitment remained relatively unelaborated.
I don't feel as inspired by England; I love the freeness and sense of relaxation in Spain and Greece.
The more you can be in touch with the awareness part of you, the closer you are to being in touch with a freeness without concern or complaint, grievance, judgment, error, good, or bad.
We evaluated the effects of processing variables (digester temperature, refining level, and sodium hydroxide content) on fiber length, freeness, fines content, and shive content.
Even though the components are correct in the sense that they are live (implying freeness of deadlock), bounded (implying absence of capacity overflow) and reversible (implying the capability of being reinitialised from any reachable states), the integrated system may not be correct, especially as competition of common resources exists.
An equivalent of that over monoids for which torsion freeness implies U - (P) is given too.
In other words, the qualities that help to define a gift are its freeness and its disinterestedness, and these constitute the aspect of the gift that cannot be given.