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As three condors circled lazily in an updraft above the rugged golden landscape of the Los Padres National Forest on Thursday, Freed talked about what drew him to the majestic birds with their 9 1/2-foot wingspans.
Freed, 43, of Ojai spends his days mitigating hazards that interfere with the condors' recovery.
Three of the five chicks that have died in the Sespe in the past three years perished after ingesting microtrash, Freed said.
Attorney's Office have interviewed the public defender, the judge and Freed about whether there was perjury by police officers in the case of Victor Tyson, who was charged in 1995 with gun possession.
Chotiner said in an interview that he took the unusual step of declaring Tyson innocent in the middle of a jury trial because he doubted the accuracy of the officers' testimony after Freed came to him with evidence of perjury.
By this time Kingsley had freed several slaves, including several mistresses and children from his various plantations, and had instituted a self-purchase policy for slaves who paid him one-half of their value.
In 1835, Lewis Fleming freed a slave and named him overseer of Hibernia.