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slang Something that one receives without having to pay for it. This cute little makeup bag was a freebie when I bought that perfume.




and freebee and freeby (ˈfribi)
n. something given away free. They gave me a freebie with my purchase.


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It isn't a National Coffee Day freebie, but fans of Starbucks Coffee can sign up for their rewards program to get freebies all year long.
But the usual blizzard of freebies - which included alcohol, chocolates and luxury goods - has stalled.
The July 2012 issue of ShopSmart magazine, from the publisher of Consumer Reports, found the best websites for freebies plus tips to avoid letdowns and protect your private information.
Author and life coach McGowan claims no special background that brought her to the subject of freebies.
Freebie was found in the road on New Year's Day by a passer-by who assumed she had been run over.
Verdict: It's the smartest looking freebie on offer.
airlines allocate an estimated 8% of their seats for frequent flier freebies, but the carriers won't reveal precisely how the process works.
I've always been surrounded by freebie co-dependents.
We go for the publisher who gives us the biggest freebie package.
Once the seven required drinks are purchased to redeem the freebie offer, coupons for 11 drinks will automatically appear in the "scan and save" section of the app 24 hours after the qualifying purchases are made.
They have to offer some type of birthday freebie to customers,” said Mr.
As a disabled pensioner I have a blue badge for my car, another freebie, but not really.
Years ago, only about 17%t went to university, which numbers the taxpayer could afford as a freebie.
If you're permanently skint or just can't resist a freebie, head on over to smartfreestuff.