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slang Something that one receives without having to pay for it. This cute little makeup bag was a freebie when I bought that perfume.
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and freebee and freeby (ˈfribi)
n. something given away free. They gave me a freebie with my purchase.


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It would seem to me, however, that R Kirby's achievements as an engineer and his current financial position are down to hard work and not good luck so why would anyone have a problem with him accepting 'freebies' in his retirement which are currently available to all pensioners.
Finally, Neil, on the question of freebies, if you have lots of bees in your bonnet, phone a local apiarist who will come and collect them free and probably give you a few jars of honey gratis.
Annoying though, as everything in the offer ends in 99p, you'll probably need to spend [pounds sterling]14.99 to bag the freebie. Although do let us know if you manage to spot a loophole...
But the usual blizzard of freebies - which included alcohol, chocolates and luxury goods - has stalled.
" Buyers are sentiment- driven, so offering freebies is now a great marketing tool," he added.
And both the BBC and S4C were giving away jolly rain capes and would have secured a joint first for most practical freebie award had there been any left for me.
"We all genuinely love being able to give away freebies through our 'random acts of kindness' initiative," said Loren, a barista at Pret Verde.
"They have to offer some type of birthday freebie to customers,” said Mr.
I find Rodney 'The King of the Freebie' Berman's wail in last week's paper a joke.
TRADE and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt is a fool to accept so many freebie junkets from big businessmen.
The seats are dressed in freebie Kobe shirts and the Jumbotron is flashing clips and photos of the five-time champion to warm up the crowd before the 7:30 p.m.
If the hotel freebie gods are listening, please take note (maybe on the freebie paper you dish out) The note should read "No one wants this rubbish".
When the land the proposed ground will go on is estimated to be worth over pounds 60m, a few free tickets is nothing for what Everton want in return as "a freebie from Kirkby".
Local businesses that would like to offer a birthday freebie and get listed for Free on are encouraged to contact the company by visiting the website.
To get your freebie, just head to the offeron the Nectar website here, and click the yellow box that says 'Visit Website' on the page.