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From the foregoing it should be apparent that it is not free-enterprise capitalism that is evil, but, rather, it is the people who abuse such an economic system who are evil.
The claim that free-enterprise capitalism is inherently immoral is the very opposite of the truth.
Critics link free-enterprise capitalism with greed, yet the fundamental nature of the capitalism they denounce is to focus on the needs of others.
In addition to condemning profit, critics of free-enterprise capitalism often favor varieties of social leveling and redistribution of income.
Critics of free-enterprise capitalism often cite Jesus' words, "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." This does not mean that material success will keep a person out of heaven, but it does imply the necessity to order our social and spiritual lives properly, before considering our material concerns.
In short, the Parable of the Talents shows the values of free-enterprise capitalism in Christian ethics.
He understands the crucial role of America's free-enterprise system in the success of his business.
He is hopeful that as the economy worsens, more people will get involved and help restore sound money and limited government--two essential requirements of a healthy free-enterprise system.
His success illustrates why a free-enterprise system that leaves people free to make their own decisions is desirable: it produces businesses like Bailey's that provide something that people want as well and efficiently as possible.
The free-enterprise system has led to so much prosperity that until recently, less than two percent of the population grew the nation's entire food supply.
The free-enterprise system that has given entrepreneurs the freedom to dream, produce, and invent is not only tradition, it is the foundation of the nation's legal system.
Junior Achievement is comprised of passionate people, inspiring kids to learn the economics of life through free-enterprise education.