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wear (one) to a frazzle

To cause one to become exhausted and nervous. Dealing with my relatives always wears me to a frazzle. I'm so glad that they're leaving tomorrow!
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wear someone to a frazzle

Fig. to exhaust someone. Her work wears her to a frazzle. Taking care of all those kids must wear you to a frazzle.
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worn to a frazzle

In a state of nervous exhaustion, as in The very idea of moving again has us worn to a frazzle. This expression transfers frazzle, which means "a frayed edge," to one's feelings. [Late 1800s]
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wear yourself to a frazzle

If you wear yourself to a frazzle, you work so hard that you become exhausted and nervous. Why should I wear myself to a frazzle, trying to sort you out? Note: You can also say that someone is worn to a frazzle. His mother had been worn to a frazzle. Guy helped by looking after his sister.
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be burnt, worn, etc. to a ˈfrazzle

(informal) be completely burnt/extremely tired: After working all weekend at the hospital, Deborah was worn to a frazzle.
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While Reggie Roberts has First Charter in action in the Gold Collar at Harold's Cross tonight, his half sister Frazzled will commence her bid for the Newbridge Oaks.
How glamour girls like Paris Hilton stop their hair getting frazzled on the beach
She never gets a crack at love, though, because on her way to a blind date set up by her frazzled sister (Dina Waters), Lizzy instead meets the windshield of an 18-wheeler - head-on.
These findings are still too preliminary to suggest whether a few drops of sugar water might help frazzled parents calm a squalling baby, Blass says.
In the evening you can sit in front of the fire or your wood stove and chuckle at the thought of all your frazzled friends back home.
They're frazzled, wrung out, and unable to enjoy the fruits of either kind of labor.
Soothe your frazzled nerves with In A Crunch - Peanut butter ice cream with fudge-covered peanuts and a crispy fudge swirl
GREECE'S precarious grasp on membership of the European Union seems to be getting more and more frazzled.
Frazzled teachers and their dancers are those who arrive late and unprepared for their meetings or performances, often missing the proper shoes or a part to a costume.
Amen, in his book New Skills for Frazzled Parents, tells the story of a parent and child who attend an animal show at a marine park.
THAT brilliant bitch Frazzled hasn't hit the top note in her two runs thus far, but it could be just the usual case of canny Reggie Roberts timing the bitch's preparation to have her spot on for next Friday's final of the valuable JP Moran Newbridge Oaks.
Of course they can vote with their feet, but Britain's favourite store knows only too well that when the rain is lashing down and frazzled commuters have just minutes to pick up a curry before catching their train home, they will simply give in and pay up.
This is a group that understands how dedicated, motivated and inspired we all are and yet, how exhausted, frustrated and frazzled we sometimes become.
CHARLES CYZER'S consistent performer Frazzled has a great chance to follow up a recent course win in the Sunday June 9th Funday Stakes at Lingfield today.