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be worn to a frazzle

To be highly agitated and perhaps exhausted due to having endured prolonged stress. I'm just worn to a frazzle after a week with my relatives. I'm so glad that they're leaving tomorrow!
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wear (one) to a frazzle

To cause one to become agitated and/or exhausted due to continued aggravation. Dealing with my relatives always wears me to a frazzle. I'm so glad that they're leaving tomorrow.
See also: frazzle, wear

wear (oneself) to a frazzle

To make oneself exhausted and anxious through too much work, effort, or worry. I wore myself to a frazzle trying to accommodate all our relatives over Christmas. It was nice having them here, but I'm so glad they're gone! They're wearing themselves to a frazzle with how overprotective they are of their kids.
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worn to a frazzle

Highly agitated and perhaps exhausted due to having endured prolonged stress. I'm just worn to a frazzle after a week with my relatives. I'm so glad that they're leaving tomorrow! Looking after the kids on my own all weekend left me worn to a frazzle. We all felt worn to a frazzle by the end of the three-day seminar.
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wear someone to a frazzle

Fig. to exhaust someone. Her work wears her to a frazzle. Taking care of all those kids must wear you to a frazzle.
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worn to a frazzle

In a state of nervous exhaustion, as in The very idea of moving again has us worn to a frazzle. This expression transfers frazzle, which means "a frayed edge," to one's feelings. [Late 1800s]
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wear yourself to a frazzle

If you wear yourself to a frazzle, you work so hard that you become exhausted and nervous. Why should I wear myself to a frazzle, trying to sort you out? Note: You can also say that someone is worn to a frazzle. His mother had been worn to a frazzle. Guy helped by looking after his sister.
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be burnt, worn, etc. to a ˈfrazzle

(informal) be completely burnt/extremely tired: After working all weekend at the hospital, Deborah was worn to a frazzle.
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worn to a frazzle

Reduced to a state of nervous exhaustion. The word frazzle here means a frayed edge. It originated in America and also gave rise to to be frazzled (be nervously exhausted). The expression appears in one of Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus stories (1881): “Brer Fox dun know Brer Rabbit uv ole, en he know dat sorter game done wo’ ter a frazzle.”
See also: frazzle, worn
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