fray at the edges

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fray at the edges

1. Literally, to become worn along the edges, as of fabric. I think it's time for us to get a new blanket—this one has frayed at the edges.
2. To become less successful or harmonious. Our roommate relationship is starting to fray at the edges now that Pat has begun leaving his stuff, including dirty dishes, all over the apartment.
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fray at the edges


fray around the edges

If something or someone frays at the edges or frays around the edges, they gradually become weaker or less successful. The government's army has begun to fray at the edges. By this time, their partnership had begun to fray around the edges. Note: You can also talk about something being frayed at the edges or frayed around the edges. At 72, his voice is sometimes a little frayed around the edges, but that just adds to its charm. Note: If a piece of cloth or rope frays, its threads or fibres start to come apart.
See also: edge, fray
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ˌfray at/around the ˈedges/ˈseams

start to come apart or to fail: Support for the leader was fraying at the edges.
If cloth frays, the threads in it start to come apart.
See also: around, edge, fray, seam
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Abstract and minimal, they are fragile, frayed at the edges, without language or opinion, yet they convey a density of experience and an insatiable hunger for harmony.
When it becomes worn and frayed at the edges, Maya makes her manta (blanket) into a vestido (vest) that she loved very much.
Tyson takes on the mantle of Evangeline, frayed at the edges but determined to maintain her dignity, whose story slowly unfolds in stylised Trinidadian vernacular.
As we juggle work, home and family, trying our best to live each area of our life to the fullest, it comes as no surprise that we often feel frayed at the edges. One way we counteract this ever-constant pressure is to carve out a small personal space where we can indulge ourselves and try to recapture a sense of calm and wellbeing.
But it has frayed at the edges, with multiple groups, including ethnic minorities and the mothers of disabled children, being allowed a second child.
No wonder Auntie is feeling a bit frayed at the edges. There's a great deal of fear and loathing within most workplaces, often cloaked under a veneer of apparent calm, but at the Beeb the gloves seem permanently off.
There is intense pressure on every player who is in contention down the stretch on Sunday with water to test the belief and lightning fast greens that leave even the steeliest nerves frayed at the edges.
It was gift-wrapped with another victory at Molineux yesterday but the packaging was just a little frayed at the edges.
Because, despite being screamingly cheap and frayed at the edges, Blackpool has an uncanny knack of constantly coming up with goods for top flight fun and entertainment.
Because despite being screamingly cheap and frayed at the edges, Blackpool has an uncanny knack of constantly coming up with goods for top flight fun and entertainment.
Looking a little frayed at the edges compared to their original clean-cut style, the Scottish lads reformed to do a one-off gig in Aberdeen.
The group are still slapdash and frayed at the edges. Bands like The Stooges and MC5's sounded chaotic but still felt like they were tight, Aurora Rising can sometime sound messy - but with Laura's voice, their distinctive guitar and driving rhythms they've got the ingredients to do more than make a racket.
ARSENAL'S DEFENDERS: "Of proven pedigree but becoming a little frayed at the edges and prone to letting the side down at the last minute.