fray at the edges

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fray at the edges

1. Literally, to become worn along the edges, as of fabric. I think it's time for us to get a new blanket—this one has frayed at the edges.
2. To become less successful or harmonious. Our roommate relationship is starting to fray at the edges now that Pat has begun leaving his stuff, including dirty dishes, all over the apartment.
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fray at the edges


fray around the edges

If something or someone frays at the edges or frays around the edges, they gradually become weaker or less successful. The government's army has begun to fray at the edges. By this time, their partnership had begun to fray around the edges. Note: You can also talk about something being frayed at the edges or frayed around the edges. At 72, his voice is sometimes a little frayed around the edges, but that just adds to its charm. Note: If a piece of cloth or rope frays, its threads or fibres start to come apart.
See also: edge, fray
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ˌfray at/around the ˈedges/ˈseams

start to come apart or to fail: Support for the leader was fraying at the edges.
If cloth frays, the threads in it start to come apart.
See also: around, edge, fray, seam
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Ex-Attorney General Dominic Grieve said the Tories' reputation "starts to fray at the edges" if it fails to be seen protecting people's rights.
Working class mums and wives bought a pack of leather elbows and cuffs and sewed them on to smarten a jacket that had been worn so often it had begun to fray at the edges.
Laidlaw, though, ensured his team was not behind for long with two more flawless kicks as Japanese discipline - so clean against South Africa - began to fray at the edges.
This town will fray at the edges because we have not got the money," he said.
"As we approach the first anniversary of this coalition, isn't the truth that it is already beginning to fray at the edges as both parties realise that a marriage of convenience is no substitute for voting for what you believe in?"
Murray was playing better and with more authority while Monfils was beginning to fray at the edges.
"These reinforcing effects mean that our social fabric can fray at the edges, like a yarn that comes loose at the end of a crocheted sweater," said Cacioppo, the Tiffany and Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor in Psychology.
As secrets fester and are revealed, the seemingly close-knit Bramble family begins to fray at the edges. Knopf.
As public attention increasingly focuses on the ECB, the Bundesbank's previously sacrosanct status is beginning to fray at the edges; it has been stripped of its role as guardian of the currency.
The shots of Hollywood from its origins into the '50s are indispensable, but strangely, when the town begins to fray at the edges after WWII, the docu also seems to veer from its sense of purpose.
Crown were beginning to fray at the edges allowing the Walton attack to press home their advantage.
Gradually the side began fray at the edges. The veterans were torn between lashing out and sitting tight.
AN oddball love story by the popular Irish novelist hints that he's starting to fray at the edges.
Soon, these "visions" begin to undermine the Hausers' not-so-tranquil domesticity, and this model American family begins to fray at the edges.
Their psychological head-to-head is the centrepiece of this tense, claustrophobic thriller as Hearst's story begins to fray at the edges.