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fraternize with (someone)

To associate or socialize with someone. Don't fraternize with those guys, they're the enemy!
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fraternize with someone or something

to associate with someone or a group; to consort with someone or a group. They were instructed not to fraternize with the opposing team before the game. Don't fraternize with Lefty "Fingers" Moran.
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The NLRB had maintained that a fraternizing ban put in place by the Guardsmark security firm would be interpreted by workers only as a ban on dating co-workers, but the Circuit Court decided "that employees would reasonably interpret the rule to prevent them from discussing the terms and conditions of employment."
As RM kicks off its annual boardroom issue, some of our more cynical readers might scoff at Henry's fraternizing with his subjects, especially since it ultimately brought him to such a gruesome fate.
Hemp suits must constantly be on their guard about fraternizing with hempsters.
Fraternizing between Republicans and Democrats in those days was not a treasonable offense, and rigid ideologues and their organizations didn't have such influence on the political agenda.
The Air Force pursued Saragosa more vigorously than the others, the report says, because he was an officer and because fraternizing with an enlisted man is a serious offense.
She "discouraged us from talking to Dennis because he was a 'traitor,'" said Holder, adding, "you felt that your loyalty was questioned [by D'Addario, Jim Howell, and Arpino] if you were seen fraternizing with 'them.'"
Bentsen is not alone in such fraternizing. Following the election Robert Farmer, fund-raising whiz for Dukakis and soon-to-be treasurer of the Democratic Party, sat down with Craig Fuller, the chief of staff for Vice President Bush, to plan a joint political consultine, firm.
'Fraternizing with the party revisor for the protestee is obviously prohibited by this Honorable Tribunal since this act is proscribed not only by the Code of Conduct for Court Personnel but also by the Canon of Judicial Ethics,' Garcia said.
For years, the word "Basiji" has struck fear into the hearts of more secular Iranians, who know them as young men who stop them on the street for failing to follow the dress code or fraternizing with the opposite sex.
Whether she photographed Italian civilians captured by Allied soldiers, a French woman punished for fraternizing with German soldiers by having her hair shorn, or a blind Basuto man sitting with his dog against a barren, cracked wall, Larrabee invested her subjects with timeless poetic significance.
Some 500 women are killed each year in Pakistan at the hands of family members over perceived damage to "honor" that can involve eloping, fraternizing with men or any other infraction against conservative values that govern women's modesty.