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fraternize with (someone)

To associate or socialize with someone. Don't fraternize with those guys, they're the enemy!
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fraternize with someone or something

to associate with someone or a group; to consort with someone or a group. They were instructed not to fraternize with the opposing team before the game. Don't fraternize with Lefty "Fingers" Moran.
See also: fraternize
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Their big complaints with life are that their posterior isn't as pert as they'd like or someone didn't refill the coffee pot or that others fraternize more successfully than they do.
Virginia Lofton (Lindze Letherman) has inherited her love of horses from her mother, but her father (Gabriel Byrne)--traumatized by his wife's death after being thrown from her mount--refuses to allow her to ride or even to fraternize with horses.
Her jockey Chris Catlin was completing a double after being successful on Fraternize in the seller.
20 Fraternize (M stoute to S dow), Summer Stock (D Weld to Ferdy Murphy); 1.
Exploring beyond this insulated environment, she stumbles into Grand Central Station, where immigrant women rendezvous and fraternize with American men.
The biggest shock came in the three-runner nine-furlong maiden in which Fraternize went off at 1-6, but was beaten by Danton, who was completing a double for Johnston and Fanning.
Cassie Brooks a wannabe actress and secretary for one of the movie studios happens onto a set and eats a sandwich that belongs to a tough Hollywood producer who never fraternizes with underlings.
The blood of the Hopi Indians courses thick through the veins of Benavidez, who fraternizes with the region's Chumash elders.