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fraternize with (someone)

To associate or socialize with someone. Don't fraternize with those guys, they're the enemy!
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fraternize with someone or something

to associate with someone or a group; to consort with someone or a group. They were instructed not to fraternize with the opposing team before the game. Don't fraternize with Lefty "Fingers" Moran.
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The word to the wise is to implement loophole-free fraternization policies that safeguard employers from legal snafus should workplace relationships go awry.
Concerned about the implications of fraternization, especially Christmas cease-fires, which could have a disproportionate emotional resonance, the British High Command, from St.
Irrespective of the question of fraternization and outright sexual discrimination, the female reproductive role and position as mothers in civilian society generates additional questions which the armed forces need to consider.
While the best advice for employers continues to be a strict prohibition of fraternization in the workplace, the next best preventive measure may well be to permit a "love contract" exception to the rule.
Fraternization has been punished as a military offense throughout military history.
It also strongly discouraged peer fraternization which was defined as prohibiting any romantic relationship and cohabitation.
It looks at how the large number of fraternizations between the former enemies was dealt with, both in the Allied countries and in Germany.
Taguba also diagrams a culture in the brigade that "did not articulate or en force clear and basic Soldier and Army standards." He pointedly notes that "despite the fact that hundreds of former Iraqi soldiers and officers were detainees, MP personnel were allowed to wear civilian clothes," and that the handful of actions for which more than a dozen officers and senior noncommissioned officers were reprimanded or disciplined for--from lax security enforcement to drinking to fraternization to even, in the case of one captain, "tak[ing] nude pictures of ...
In the security training the prison gives to all volunteers, guards emphasize the need to avoid "fraternization" (don't tell them your personal information, don't have sex with them, don't do them favors, and so on).
The court noted that the department had a legitimate interest in preventing fraternization between its employees and offenders and their families, and that the rule was a rational means for advancing that interest.
Or is the organization more about dealing with female fraternization recovery?
The book occasionally mentions fraternization with male soldiers, but whether women sought or accepted these friendships as a matter of fact remains unclear.
The fraternization among Cypriots--a people long written-off as hopeless victims of "ancient hatreds" and tribal feelings--is of course mainly a compliment to themselves.
But courts may uphold policies on fraternization if employers can articulate job-related reasons for such rules.