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1. noun, slang A shortening of "fraternity," a social organization for male undergraduate students. I have no plans to join a frat in college—that lifestyle just doesn't appeal to me.
2. adjective, slang Relating to such a group. I went to a frat party last night, and it was pretty lame, honestly. If you're looking for Mike, you might want to check the frat house—he's usually there in the afternoons.

frat rat

slang "Frat" is a shortening of "fraternity," a social organization within a college or university designated by Greek letters and consisting of male members.
1. A member of a fraternity who encourages or engages in illegal activities, especially hazing rituals. We don't tolerate frat rats here. If you want to be a member of this fraternity, then you're in it to promote the values of respect, brotherhood, and community. You are not here to get wasted and demean others. He and 11 other frat rats have been booked in relation to the death of an 18-year-old pledge during a hazing ritual.
2. A person, usually a female college student and especially a member of a sorority, who spends a large amount of time socializing at a particular fraternity. Sarah has become a total frat rat over at ΦΨΩ. She spends more time there than she does in her own sorority!
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1. n. a fraternity. (Collegiate.) Are you going to join a frat?
2. mod. having to do with fraternities and their members. (Collegiate.) Is there a frat party tonight?


n. a college fraternity member. (Derogatory.) The frat rats had a kegger that ended up a brawl.
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This guide, and the FRAT it contains, was developed by the NBAA Safety Committee's Single-Pilot Work Group (SPWG) to address the fatal accident rate of single-pilot business aircraft, which is higher than that of aircraft flown by professional two-pilot crews.
The court rejected the defense of Solano that he had no intention of misleading the police when he gave false statements under the instructions of their frat leader Arvin Balag and also out of fear of being implicated in Castillo's death.
FRAT BOY: Jenner Jake is a teenager who joins a Texas university baseball team in 1980, which means moving into the players' digs and indulging in three days of drinking, drugging and attempting to get laid - and that's about it.
"As we showed with 'Frat,' we want to give subscribers original digital series that have a quality and production value comparable to series we put on the air, because the whole idea is to develop hybrid programs that can be consumed on every device," Alduy says.
DAY 6 of fashion week gave Delhi's fash frat a tough time.
Most of the longboarders I see are frat guys in flip flops.
Jamie Foxx's Staff Sergeant Sykes is more jocular than abusive; the Marines play practical jokes, get drunk, sing and dance and bond--it's as much frat party as combat zone.
As this tale opens, the college is about to close Pi Alpha Kappa (PAK) down but the good old frat boys want to bring down the house with one final alcoholic bomb of a night, and the perfect excuse is Bret's 21st birthday.
Another Ig Noble Prize went to high school student-researcher Jillian Clarke, who applied the rigors of science to the rule known to every frat house resident: It is safe to eat food that has been in contact with a floor for no more than 5 seconds.
Inmates of the outwardly benign environment at company HQ in Redmond, Washington, where everyone walked around in casual clothes, were imbued with a supremely aggressive culture--"the frat house," as Heilemann notes, "from another planet," So insulated were they that they genuinely could not understand why So many people hated and feared the company they worshiped.
Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, inspiration for the movie Animal House, has become the latest battleground over frat excess.
Bars and frat parties keep the music at a throbbing volume, making it difficult to talk.
Sid sees the frat where he can become the master and achieve control.'
Why do young college students defy warnings that frat hazing, as experience has shown, can lead to homicide or murder of neophytes by frat masters.