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(speaking) (quite) frankly

 and frankly speaking
a transitional phrase announcing that the speaker is going to talk in a more familiar and totally forthright manner. Tom: Speaking quite frankly, I'm not certain she's the one for the job. Mary: l agree. Bob: We ought to be looking at housing in a lower price bracket. Bill: Quite frankly, lagree. "Frankly speaking," said John, "I think you're out of your mind!"
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Frankly builds an integrated software platform for broadcasters and media companies to create, distribute, analyze and monetize their content across all of their digital properties on web, mobile and TV.
And if I happen to come across a micro delicatessen that specialises in Camembert, well I'd frankly like it to be still around the next time I want to cheat on my diet.
Frankly will also provide the Frankly Lounge Charge Station at Wizard World events, an area where attendees can relax and recharge their mobile devices to keep the conversation going.
It is, of course, my opinion that the Assembly is frankly a big enough drain on resources as it is.
Both geldings out of the unraced Be My Native mare Frankly Native are by Saddlers' Hall, a son of Sadler's Wells who died when standing under the Coolmore National Hunt banner in 2008.
Race, Frankly is a yearlong attempt to change the old dynamic.
The abortion process, post-20 weeks is frankly not the mark of a decent society because as a process itself it is frankly barbaric.
I find myself in the unfamiliar position of not getting my episcopal nose out of joint about the issues you openly, frankly, and honestly confront, nor the editorial positions you take.
Her sympathies are with those who want freedom from Britain, but frankly she is more concerned about her own life and her horse.
Written by the author of "Cloak of the Illuminati", Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator goes beyond ideas mentioned in "The Da Vinci Code" and frankly discusses the Biblical figure of Mary Magdalene as teacher, illuminator, and spiritual visionary.
I challenge you to do better and express more people's realities, articles with real meat and substance, and less of the vague, one-dimensional "feel-good" coverage, which frankly comes off as insincere.
It is frankly in our best interest to do exactly that .
I have frankly been surprised at the depth of the equipment issue in terms of the unavailability of important pieces of equipment for the Guard and Reserve, and frankly, for the active military as well," says Maj.
But the sign language on the programme Signproof was quite frankly atrocious.
and continue actively and frankly to press China to quicken the pace of renminbi [yuan] flexibility.