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frame of mind

A person's outlook, mood, or attitude. I'm always in a much better frame of mind if I have a chance to unwind after work. You've got to improve your frame of mind if you want to get that job. No one's going to hire someone who isn't confident in their own abilities!
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be in the frame

To be a likely recipient of something, such as a job or an award. I'm pretty sure I'm in the frame for Connie's position once she retires. My daughter is a great student, so she's in the frame for many academic awards at graduation.
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in the frame

1. Very likely to be chosen; at the forefront of all choices. After ten years of dutiful service, she's finally in the frame to move into an upper management position.
2. Suspected of having committed some crime or wrongdoing. Two weeks after the gruesome murder that shocked the small town, police still have no suspects in the frame.
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frame something in something

1. Lit. to place a frame of something around something. Let us frame the photograph in a wood frame rather than a metal one. Alice chose to frame the painting in a simple, unmatted frame.
2. Fig. to express something in a particular way. He framed his comments in very simple language. I hope you frame your remarks more clearly next time.
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frame something out

to build the basic wood structure of a building, such as a house. The carpenters, working fast, framed the whole house out in a day. They framed out the house.
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one's frame of mind

Fig. one's mood or mental state. My frame of mind is sort of low at the moment. I've had a very bad day.
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frame of mind

Mental or emotional attitude or mood, as in You have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy hiking in the rain. This idiom was first recorded in 1665.
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frame of mind

Someone's frame of mind is the mood they are in. In the morning he woke in a more optimistic frame of mind. He was just not in the right frame of mind to deal with this young man.
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in the frame

1. If you are in the frame for a job or a successful activity, you are very likely to be chosen for it. Steve has done well. He's back in the frame and I will have a good look at him in training this week. Note: You can talk about someone being the name in the frame when they are very likely to be chosen for a job or a successful activity. Speculation about potential replacements is already rife, with Sir David Scholey and Lord Lawson among the names in the frame.
2. If someone is in the frame for a crime or a bad action, people think that they are responsible for it. The fact is, there's only ever been one guy in the frame for this killing, and that's the husband. Note: The `frame' referred to here is probably one of the frames, or images, in a reel of film.
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be in (or out of) the frame

1 be (or not be) eligible or the centre of attention. 2 under suspicion or wanted (or not) by the police.
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be in/out of the ˈframe

be taking part/not taking part in something: We won our match last week, so we’re still in the frame for the championship.
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a frame of ˈmind

a particular way of thinking, mood, etc: You should ask her for permission when she’s in a better frame of mind.I wonder what frame of mind he was in when he wrote the letter.
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1. tv. to cause an innocent person to be blamed for a crime; to contrive evidence so that someone appears to be guilty. (Originally underworld.) Jimmy tried to frame his sister for painting the cat yellow.
2. and frame-up and frameup n. a scheme where an innocent person is made to take the blame for something; incrimination caused by contrived evidence. (Underworld.) The frame-up would have worked if it weren’t for one little thing.


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In my second example I use the frame to make this Laotian woman, poised with her red ladle hovering over a streetside restaurant's serving table, seem timeless.
It seems even the federal government has determined that cast-in-place reinforced concrete--framed office buildings are indeed safer and stronger than those constructed using a steel frame," Gerosa says, adding that "when it comes to safety, especially for a high-rise office tower and its occupants, there is nothing like cast-in-place reinforced concrete.
The servo pattern is decoded in a drive by measuring the distance (a) between frame stripes at the servo read gap position while tape is transported longitudinally across the recording head.
13) A frame, which we might think of more simply as the context in which the story is placed, can define the problem, diagnose causes, make moral judgments, and suggest remedies for the problem.
The GE frame combines claims of fairness and claims of affordability (Marmor et al.
The frame is more than decorative, it also serves as an additional support.
MUD recommends that molders select the largest adapter frame that will fit the machine platens, allowing quick interchange of the widest possible range of mold sizes up to the machine's full capacity.
The new Pandigital 6-inch frame (model number PAN-600-B) fills the important entry-level position in Pandigital's popular line of digital photo frames with features typically not found at this price point, such as a 6-in-1 memory card reader, internal memory and USB host connectivity.
For these vehicles, Marando says the trend is toward body-integrated-frame construction, where frame elements are integrated into a unitized body structure.
Varnedoe said the Rubin frame had exposed unpainted areas on the edge of ``Starry Night,'' which distracted the eye from the illusion in the painting of tunneling into space.
Or, there's the frame of "definition," in which the presenter, perhaps introducing to his audience a new product or service, makes certain the audience understands:
As the long time recognized leader in the digital frame market, we have seen explosive growth in the category this year.
CEIVA members can easily send photos on-line or directly from a camera phone to any frame in seconds and invite their friends and family to send photos for free.