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After his victory, no one thought he was a fraidy mouse anymore.
Jack Hart, D-Boston, dedicated a song called "Fraidy Cat Fraidy Cat" to Mr.
I heard a big splash at Mike Boyd's end of the blind as his black Lab Fraidy hit the water and paddled out to the downed birds.
Well," Lamar said, "She was initially afraid of everything, so my sister named her Fraidy.
Cassell Dictionary of Slang, Jonathon Green, 1998] Often used in fraidy cat, a coward.
Sewagespill Swamp" - Madame Lady L' Fraidy and the Zombie Brothers read cards, perform dark comedy and tell jokes.
For younger guests and fraidy cats, Granny Lupus' Seance Theatre supplies a tamer set of thrills, and a midway with games and refreshments is always a safe place to hide out.
Boys' Ranking Girls' Ranking Battle Dome 1 1 Hot Wheels Power Loop 2 5 B-Ball Jam 3 8 Fraidy Cats 4 4 LEGO Freestyle Set 7 10 Boppin' Bee 8 2 Wild Wooly 8 3 Peanut Panic 9 6
Battle Dome 7 (tied) 1 Hot Wheels Power Loop 1 5 Boppin' Bee 4 3 Fraidy Cats 7 2 B-Ball Jam 6 7 Wild Wooly 5 4 LEGO Freestyle Set 3 9 Big Car Carrier 7 (tied) 10 (tied) Toobers & Zots 8 10 (tied)
The story is simple and straightforward, focusing on the group's efforts to rescue Pamela Fraidy from a leggy spider, in the process landing themselves in some unusual and hilarious situations, such as squeezing together into the larder as each seeks somewhere to be alone to think.