(I'm) (a)fraid not

A response used to reluctantly decline an invitation or politely answer a question in the negative, indicating regret that the answer is "no." When the phrase is abbreviated to "'fraid not," an apostrophe is sometimes used in place of the missing letter. A: "Will you be able to attend the meeting tomorrow?" B: "I'm afraid not. I'm going to be out of town." A: "Could you loan me a hundred bucks?" B: "'Fraid not. I'm broke."
See also: not

(I'm) (a)fraid so

A response used to politely answer a question in the affirmative when the speaker regrets that this is the case. When the phrase is abbreviated to "'fraid so," an apostrophe is sometimes used in place of the missing letter. A: "Are you really moving all the way across the country?" B: "I'm afraid so." A: "Are you going to be working late again tonight?" B: "'Fraid so."
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As a young and aspiring artist, Soares said that she looks up to Fraid Rasulove (the Azerbaijani visual artist).
Those Halloween novelty tombstones for Izzy Dead, Bea Fraid or Barry DaLive might make you smile, groan or even take offense.
Most motorists were slapped with fines at the library car park in Beaumaris, Lower Hill Street and Swift Square car parks in Holyhead, Lon St Fraid car park in Treaddur Bay, and Station Yard and Mill Street car parks in Llangefni.
Ghulam Fraid Kadia paid rich tributes by describing that the late did not leavethe Party and democracy in lurch at any moment.
to tell the truth I fraid sea water and I was hoping to work half the
When asked what he [infant Ernest Hemingway] is afraid of" wrote Grace [his mother], "he shouts out fraid a nothing, with great gusto.
From what I hear, more people are fraid of getting Alzheimer's disease (AD) today than cancer.
To be clear, MBA does not believe lenders should be absolved of their duty to protect against fraid and to verify, document and thoroughly evaluate a borrower's financial resources and obligations prior to extending credit," Stevens stated in the letter.
sort n say good, fraid Slee was with the bank when the sector bega an its transformation from the old branch network, where managers knew their customers and made decisions, to the centralised creature it is today.
Fraid Faraidooni, Chief Executive of Commer cial Affairs, Du, said: "Du launched in March a commercial service (HSPA+), which provides speeds of up to 42MB/sec, and is considered by the International Telecommunication Union a fourth generation service.
A nuh seh yuh fraid a dem but at the same time yuh cyah joke roun wid dem.
fi ce iefh Ying Feng-Xu gave a tremendous erformance at right-back, never fraid to lunge into a tackle; he read he game superbly and was seldom eaten.
SOUNDBITE) (English) SUREKHA SHAH, A GIRL CRYING SAYING: "I am really very fraid.
141); how they distort all experience: "As if the boys laughing, but they only laughing because they fraid to cry, they only laughing because to think so much about everything would be a big calamity--like how he here now, the thoughts so heavy like he unable to move his body" (p.