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When playing supported music or games, users can also customize new Dell-exclusive XPS LightFX technology to strobe, pulse or fade the system's 16-color lights to the beat of a song or whenever a game character fires a weapon, moves or gets fragged.
Now internet-based gamers will feel the impact of being fragged by an online nemesis thousands of miles away, while Web developers will be able to add feel sensations to their pages in Netscape(R) Navigator(TM) and Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer, and experience the worldwide web as never before.
There is no entry fee to participate, but players who are fragged or who leave the game in a damaged condition are charged for the life at the game's life cost rate.
In one of the new game modes, "Harvester," teams compete for skulls that appear in the center of the arena when a player gets fragged.
Team power-ups are useable by a single player at a time, and last until the player's character is fragged.