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To celebrate the event we've rounded up the hottest flame-haired celebs we would like to see get their Redhead Certificate of Genuine Foxiness at the REDgistration next weekend.
On Cynthiana, a vitis aestivalis grape with no foxiness, a superior pH is achieved with bi-lateral cordons with shoot-positioning to expose fruit.
She can tell a joke (watch her in Some Like It Hot), she can make you cry (The Misfits), she can stop the world with her unutterable foxiness (The Seven Year Itch and everything she's been in).
The Dolls are capitalising on their youth and foxiness with their own calendar - photos are on display at the booth: Satan, a potential member, straddling her bike while holding a mock machine gun; Angel, in a catsuit with a police officer handcuffed and on his knees in front of her.