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More information about Fourth Wall Productions:http://www.
Fourth Wall Productions is an Iowa- and Colorado-based video production company.
For those who only dimly recall their high school English lessons, the fourth wall is the imaginary divide between the characters in a story and the audience.
Instead, he says, retailers need to treat the fourth wall as a department within the store, just as they would dairy, deli, meat or produce.
Breaking the fourth wall rids us of all sense of fiction.
On the fourth wall, a cloudy white screen of fibreglass acrylic is a backdrop for an information desk.
Performers lip-synched to the words of front man Casey Spooner, who levels any remains of the fourth wall with his feigned unpreparedness, like wondering aloud which song is next.
This is the crack in the proscenium's invisible fourth wall, and the dancers, their ranks bolstered by untrained pedestrians, break all the way through.
Perakis is currently a principal in Fourth Wall Ventures, an investment firm.